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Our Story

TodFoo™ was born from necessity.  TodFoo™ CEO and Co-Founder Kristin loved taking her two boys – the original Toddler Foodies – out for dinner dates at restaurants around Atlanta.  She relied on restaurant review websites to help her decide whether restaurants were “kid-friendly” or not, but found that these sites lacked enough information to help her make a good decision on where to eat.  One night she and her little foodies visited an Indian restaurant that a website described as “Good for Kids.”  She arrived and found, to her horror, that the restaurant was an upscale eatery filled with adults in business casual attire.  That evening, she decided to start a blog that would rate restaurants for their kid-friendliness.  She wrote her first blog posts that very night, making Toddler Foodies ATL the first franchise in the TodFoo™ family.
Today TodFoo™ is a resource not just for parents, but for anyone who’s looking for new restaurants to try.  The TodFoo™ family of blogs generates 100-150 unique worldwide views per day.  Our movement has grown to include franchise blogs in San Antonio, Austin, Chicago, Orlando, and other major cities. Collectively we’ve raised significant funds for various charitable causes through our marketing power. We pride ourselves on providing authentic, useful information to our readers, using our influence to spread joy and help businesses succeed, and promoting cultural diversity and family bonding.

TodFoo™ offers a little something for everyone.  If you’re interested in eating out, blogging about it, and potentially making some money on the side, you can apply to be a TodFoo™ franchise in your city.  If you’re a small business looking for some budget-friendly marketing opportunities, check out our various advertising options.  And if you just want to find a great place to eat nearby, take a look at our blogs.  Before you eat somewhere new, check TodFoo™! You’ll be glad you did.

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Meet The TodFoo™ Executive Team

Kristin Photo

Kristin Aquino-Pham
TodFoo™ CEO & Co-Founder
Editor-In-Chief, Toddler Foodies ATL

Kristin is a wife, mother to the original Toddler Foodies, and a full-time, practicing attorney. She lives in Atlanta with her family, where she spends much of her time going on foodie adventures with her little ones and blogging about their experiences.

Daryl Escobal Photo

Daryl Escobal
TodFoo™ Creative Chief Officer & Co-Founder

Daryl is a creative mainly working in the digital space. Originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia he moved to New York City in 2006 to pursue the world of advertising. In his free time he likes to travel, experiment with photography, and go to the gym.

Andrea Profile

Andrea Botham
TodFoo™ Operations Manager

Andrea grew up in Atlanta, spent 10 years in Washington, DC, 3 years in London, where she got both a husband and a Masters in International Journalism and is back in Atlanta with her family, including a son and daughter. When they aren’t off showing their kids the world Andrea loves to read, blog and volunteer at her kids school.

Kathy Yath

Kathy Yath
TodFoo™ Chief Financial Officer

Kathy is a wife, mother of two little princesses, and a full-time finance consultant with a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Emory University. Kathy lives in Atlanta and enjoys traveling, good eats, working out, and entertaining her little ones!