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ūüôā = Easily accessible, large, private parking lot.¬†¬†Extremely casual atmosphere that’s perfect for kids, and fun d√©cor including cartoon llamas painted on the wall.¬† Menu loaded with¬†tasty, authentic¬†Peruvian staples like ceviche, empanadas,¬†yucca frita, and lomo saltado.¬†¬†High chairs and a kids menu available.

ūüôĀ¬†=¬†The restaurant version of The Freakin’ Incan is pretty far out in the northern ‘burbs, so if you’re an ITP-no-exceptions person, you’ll probably want to stick with the food truck.¬† No changing table in the restroom.

Note:¬† The yellow¬†aji sauce¬†drizzled on¬†some of the dishes is a bit spicy –¬†ask to have it on the side if your little ones are sensitive to spiciness.


The Freakin' Incan

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we love food trucks.¬† Food trucks sell yummy, inventive food. They’re usually decorated in fun and creative ways.¬† And they live outdoors, which means they’re usually in an environment that’s kid-friendly.¬† And they go vroom vroom.¬† What’s not to like?¬† So when we heard that The Freakin’ Incan food truck recently opened a restaurant¬†serving the same Peruvian street food¬†as its vroom-vrooming sibling, we jumped on the chance to try it out.¬†¬†Even though it took us 45 minutes to get there, we’re so glad we did.

We arrived on a weekend afternoon to find the place was already pretty packed.¬† It’s a small spot, almost a hole-in-the wall, nestled in a nondescript¬†shopping plaza¬†up 400 North.¬† The first thing we noticed when we walked in was the fun d√©cor.¬† The¬†mural on the¬†main wall is a food truck, with a little window cutout where¬†guests¬†can see the chefs cooking away, and a painting of the cutest¬†cartoon llama ever to grace the walls of an Atlanta restaurant.¬†¬†There was no doubt in our minds that¬†Freakin’ Incan would be a kid-friendly space after¬†we¬†saw¬†that llama.

There appeared to be one server working that day, and he seemed a little flustered by the rush of guests.¬† Nonetheless, we didn’t have to wait too long before he brought us our drink order of water in to go cups, an Inca Kola (a Peruvian soda that Mommy said tasted like¬†pineapples),¬†and a Chicha Morada (a traditional Peruvian drink made of purple corn and spices that tasted kind of like apple pie).

Freakin’ Incan’s menu has most of the dishes one would expect a Peruvian restaurant to offer, and we tried¬†several of them.¬† We ordered:¬† one empanada filled with lomo saltado (a fried pie filled with tender cuts of filet mignon saut√©ed in a soy sauce based marinade); one empanada filled with Aji de Gallina (fried pie filled with traditional Peruvian chicken stew); a Papa Rellena (a deep fried mashed potato filled with ground beef, raisins, boiled egg, and olives); an order of yucca frita served with 3 different Peruvian sauces (note – the green sauce is the least spicy of the three!); ceviche de camarone (made with shrimp and grouper);¬†and¬†lomo saltado (served with white rice and French fries).¬† Yes, we had a feast.¬† Don’t judge us.

Top:  Lomo Saltado Bottom:  Ceviche de Camarone Photos taken by 3-year-old Toddler Foodie

Top: Lomo Saltado
Bottom: Ceviche de Camarone
Photos taken by 3-year-old Toddler Foodie

Everything we tried was really tasty.¬† The only gripe we had was that the yellow sauce drizzled on the empanadas and papa rellena was a little¬†too spicy for¬†our sensitive palates – we’ll¬†make sure to ask for it on the side next time.¬†¬†Our favorite dishes were the papa rellena and lomo saltado.¬† The papa rellena was soft and crumbly, with¬†a touch of sweetness from the raisins that complemented the saltiness of the beef-and-egg¬†mixture.¬†¬†The lomo saltado reminded us¬†of a Vietnamese dish called bo luc lac – and if you read our review of the new Vietnamese restaurant Le Fat, you’ll remember how much we loooooove bo luc lac.¬† We were also very fond of the complimentary¬†cancha¬†that came with our meal.

You’d think that we would be full after that huge meal, but we¬†just had to try¬†some¬†Peruvian desserts.¬† We ordered alfajores (shortbread¬†cookies¬†filled with¬†gooey dulce de leche) and¬†vanilla¬†flan¬†(a¬†syrupy custard made of eggs).¬†¬†Of those two yummy treats, the alfajores were our favorite.¬† Fortunately, there were napkins on the table, so we didn’t have to ¬†worry too much¬†when¬†the sticky dulce de leche dribble down our little fingers and onto our shirts.

After a meal like that, the only logical next step was to nap in the car on our long ride home.¬† And that’s exactly what we did.¬†¬†Next¬†time we’re in the area, we’ll definitely¬†stop by¬†Freakin’ Incan again.¬† Or we’ll try to¬†find the Freakin’ Incan food truck in town.¬† That vroom-vroom sound gets us every time.

4905 Alabama Road NE, Roswell, GA 30075

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