Todder Foodies Review Atlanta - Oddbird
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ūüôā = Easy parking options (free parking¬†deck or street parking). High chairs available. Changing table in bathroom. Spacious dining area complete with games for kids or¬†kids at heart and an old-fashioned photo booth.¬†Really awesome¬†food centered around¬†chicken¬†+ Southern style cooking.

ūüôĀ = No kids menu or kids eat free options, but the¬†regular menu¬†is super kid friendly.¬†Just watch out for anything¬†that’s marked as¬†‘Hot’ on the menu – because¬†it really¬†means the dish is hot sauce hot.

Notes:¬†Oddbird is a pop-up restaurant. This means it may not be open forever (we asked them how long, and they¬†said they¬†hope¬†to stick around until at least the end of summer). This also means they¬†keep somewhat odd hours — currently, they’re open¬†Wednesday-Saturday, 5:30-9 PM.

As toddler foodies, we make it our business to know the 411 on the dining scene. That’s why we are totally attuned to the concept of the pop-up restaurant. Pop-ups are, in our humble opinion, a fantastic way for up-and-coming chefs to try out their ideas before taking the plunge into full-fledged restaurant ownership. And they’re a great way to introduce us, the hungry public, to up-and-coming chefs.

Oddbird is a pop-up housed in the popular (and awesome) Westside brunch spot West Egg Caf√©.¬†Their menu consists of¬†impeccably fried Springer Mountain Farms chicken cutlets served alongside expertly¬†griddled¬†waffles, atop buttery Southern style biscuits, or between fresh baked sandwich buns¬†dressed with inventive¬†condiments like tomato jam and pimento cheese. When we say their chicken is impeccably fried, we mean just that. Oddbird’s fried chicken cutlets are coated with just¬†the right amount of¬†seasoned breading,¬†crisped up to¬†a satisfying crunch, and cooked all the way through without losing their¬†hearty poultry flavor and juiciness inside.¬†We really think this is some of the best bird around right now.

Toddler Foodies Review Atlanta - Oddbird

V for victory because this PB&J and waffle are winners!

We liked Oddbird so much, we visited it twice in one week.¬†The first time we visited, we brought our¬†buddy FoodBabyNY with us. We ordered the Chicken & Waffle (served with thyme butter and rosemary infused syrup), the PB&J Sandwich (a fried chicken sandwich topped with pimento cheese,¬†thick strips of bacon, and¬†a sweet tomato jam), and a side of macaroni & cheese.¬†FoodBabyNY¬†loved the¬†bird as much as we did. And that mac & cheese was something serious! The three of us descended upon the little¬†bowl like¬†a flock of starved pigeons. We also ordered the S’mores Pie, which was incredible. But take note:¬†it is not a slice of pie. It’s big enough to share with a table of people. The second time we visited, we got the PB&J again, waffle, and a side of collard greens cooked with country ham. (Parents, beware – the collard greens have a little spicy kick to them!)

This S'mores Pie is as big as my head!

This S’mores Pie is as big as my head!

If you’re on the Westside on the right day at the right time, we definitely recommend popping into Oddbird. We hope they stick around beyond this summer because their chicken is our fav right now. And our Mommy asked us to tell you that they play great music for 80’s babies. We don’t know what that means, but we do recall her¬†singing¬†and bobbing her head¬†like crazy while we were trying to enjoy our dinner. What can¬†we say? She’s an odd bird.

1100 Howell Mill Rd

Atlanta, GA 30318

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