Meet FoodBabyNY

Toddler Foodies Atlanta NewsThis is 2-year-old Matthew Chau, aka FoodBabyNY. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. He’s an adorable little Instagram celebrity who’s gotten over 50K followers simply by being in photos with awesome food all over NYC and a few other cities. Check out his incredible Instagram account @foodbabyny!


The Epic Foodie Playdate

Toddler Foodies – Atlanta invited FoodBabyNY down South from 7/2-7/7/2015 so they could show him the amazing food Atlanta has to offer — and, boy, did they! These little guys brought FoodBabyNY to more than 45 different eateries in Atlanta over 5 days. The FoodBaby/Toddler Foodies Squad traveled across the city, inside and outside the perimeter, and tasted everything from Southern staples to Vietnamese cuisine to inventive twists on good ol’ American fare like doughnuts, chicken sandwiches, and burgers. In the evenings, FoodBabyNY slumbered in style at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Buckhead, where he was treated to fresh macarons, an adorable stuffed panda, and a soft, toddler-sized robe. Check out this awesome highlight video of their feeding fenzy, produced by Maya Table of Sam Frank Productions!


The ATL Eats

45 Atlanta eateries over 5 days – impossible, you say! Nope, not really. Check out the list below! And see if you can do a FoodBabyNY/Toddler Foodies ATL tour yourself. It was pretty amazing.

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