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🙂 = Parking is pretty plentiful, but The Prado can get pretty crowded. Use extra care with little ones on weekends when younger crowds drive faster than parental units would like. Kids-eat-free options on Sundays! High chairs are available. Crayons and paper menus provided! Lidded cups! Super drink options for parents. Food is fresh and made in-house with local ingredients. Plenty of seating and a large patio. Neato brewing things that look robot-ish for little ones to marvel at when Daddy is trying to keep them from disrupting other diners.

🙁 = No changing table in the bathrooms. Kids’ menu is plentiful but a little confusing (what actually counts for the free stuff on Sundays?). Music is a little loud for sensitive kid foodies like Foodie 7. Food was a little hit or miss and felt a little expensive.

Notes: Monday-Thursday: 11:00AM-10:00PM. Friday-Saturday: 11:00AM-11:00PM. Sunday: 12:00PM-10:00PM.

We decided to check out Five Seasons Brewing on a Sunday night at their Sandy Springs location to take advantage of the “Kids Eat Free” deal they run. It runs all day Sunday, and our 6:15 arrival was pretty perfect with low crowd level and some other kiddos inside. However, the kids’ meal was confusing with entrees, sides, and desserts all listed separately and with prices for each section. (You can see the menu here.) If your parents aren’t trying to keep your little brother from dive-bombing out of his high chair every time the super-nice-and-friendly waiter comes to the table, ask for clarification.


Taken by Foodie 7. The mediocre kids pizza.

We opted for the half-cheese pizza option, and both Foodie 7 and Foodie 3 (aaaalmost Foodie 4) had our meals comped. Of course, mama and daddy-o made up for that with some pretty awesome looking “grown up drink” options that they told us we weren’t allowed to touch. Mama suggests The Georgia Mule, which comes in a frosty copper mug that Foodie 3 was pretty sure was actually just a delicious lemonade that she didn’t want to share with her kids. Our pizza was OK. We especially liked the crust, which we asked our server about, and were informed was an in-house-made wheat pita bread. The cheese and sauce were fine, but nothing amazing.


Even the littlest foodie liked mama’s salad!

Foodie 7 spent most of her time creeping on Mommy’s salad, which was a special of the day and completely filled with super yummy and exotic fixings like cherries, fried wontons, pea tendrils and almonds (and brussel sprouts that we may or may not have been informed of). Foodie 7 loooved the tangy Asian dressing. Foodie 4 was mainly in love with the french fries we ordered for the table. They were crispy and not too salty. AND, they came with individual ketchup cups. Does it get any better?? The littlest Foodie, who is almost 2 and has insanely terrible table manners, mainly liked Daddy’s fish and chips although he also ate his fair share of french fries. His biggest complaint was how long it took for the fish to cool. But once it did, it had a lovely crispy fried coating and wasn’t too fishy OR too bland. Daddy said it was a great compliment to the in-house brewed beer choices he picked. And Daddy is a beer nerd. So, that’s key.


Foodie 7 pretended to be a panda and ate pea tendrils and greens. One of mom’s favorite healthy eating motivators (thanks, Wild Kratts!)

All in all, our meal was fine, but our parents were grumbling a little about the prices of the food for what you got. Apparently, it was a little overpriced in their opinion. And while we enjoyed our kids ice cream platter at the end of the meal (not included in the free options), it was probably a mistake since we were at that point of the evening where one drink had been spilled and the littlest Foodie may or may not have been trying to eat things off the floor and/or fork members of the family in the hands and face.

5600 Roswell Rd #21

Sandy Springs, GA 30342

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