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🙂 = Easy parking. Changing table in the bathroom. Friendly staff. Highchairs and boosters available. Lidded cups for kiddos (and for Mom’s iced coffee, which is perfect if she can’t finish it before the youngest Toddler Foodie starts stabbing his muffin with a straw and throwing it at his sister). Breakfast served all day on the weekends.

🙁 = Highly visible cupcakes might induce some whining/begging/glass-display-case-licking. Some of the outside seating is right along Peachtree Road, so avoid that area if you have reckless kiddo foodies of your own. No fruit options for the breakfast menu.

Notes: Sunday through Thursday: 8:00AM-9:00PM. Friday and Saturday: 8:00AM-11:00PM.

If your parents are like ours, they occasionally realize that they really need to do a Costco run. And this means SUGAR SHACK! It’s located just down Peachtree Road from the Brookhaven Costco and is a great spot to get sugared up so you can act like little monsters while buying 49,534 baby wipes and griping for samples of greek yogurt that you will take a small taste of and then loudly proclaim is “super gross.”


This guy loves a blueberry muffin.

BACK TO THE MUFFINS: Yes, we love Sugar Shack muffins. Mom and Dad got us each a muffin (which they will someday realize is too much and remember to just get us one to split) and then a breakfast sandwich to share, too. Our favorite muffin is the Cinnamon Bun one. It’s suuuuuper sweet and gooey and perfect. Like a magical hybrid of muffin and cinnamon roll. Daddy may or may not have had a bite of Foodie 7’s and immediately ordered one for himself. Which is one of our favorite parts: we can order at the counter, and our muffins come out quickly so we can chow down while our sandwich is getting whipped up.


Foodie 7’s breakfast portrait

Our favorite sandwich is bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese grilled on ciabatta bread. Foodie 3 loves that bread more than anything else, and although it makes Mommy bonkers, she sometimes pulls off the eggs and cheese and just enjoys the bacon and bread. Mmm. Mommy tried to get us to try her sandwich, which she promised was divine, but we are suspect. Red pepper, goat cheese, and egg on ciabatta? Not for us. But she loves a good vegetarian breakfast sandwich that doesn’t involve soysage. She doesn’t know what she’s missing with this Sugar Shack bacon. More for us! Foodie 7 was especially impressed with how the sandwich tasted toasty but still soft where it should be. We think it’s magic, but Daddy says it’s probably just that they actually use a nice sandwich press or grill rather than a microwave to make these super yummy treats.


“I’ll take that, that and that. Thanks.”

We didn’t miss it, but our parents did mention that they wished there were some fresh fruit options on the breakfast menu. And for once, we made it out of there without demanding a few of the gorgeous cupcakes on display. But trust us, they are amazing. We speak from experience!

4058 Peachtree Rd

Atlanta, GA 30319

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