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🙂 = Super fun and festive environment complete with music to shake your diaper-padded booty to. A few outdoor tables with umbrellas and a lovely view. Fairly easy street parking. Lots of fun and inexpensive packaged goodies like candies and plantain chips and exotic sodas. Plenty of healthy options and lots of great choices for vegetarians. A water cooler is accessible to customers in case one of your little foodies decides halfway through lunch that they NEED WATER RIGHT NOW. There are also several napkin dispensers around in case of spills.

🙁 = Limited seating and some of it is bar height. Outdoor tables are on the sidewalk, so be careful that your little one is supervised near the road. No changing table, and for some reason, no toilet seat in the bathroom. This might be a big deal to toddler foodies who are in the midst of their potty training journeys.

Notes: Open 9:00am – 5:00pm daily.

Fall is coming, and this toddler foodie is pretty excited about pumpkin patches and apple picking. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to get a little taste of summer, and there is a sweet spot in Old Fourth Ward that always feels like Miami in July. Seriously. It’s magical. LottaFrutta is full of bright colors and tropical decor that perfectly match the super delicious and exotic fresh fruit offerings. Mama and I opted to share a LottaMora smoothie with a milk base. You can also choose water, pineapple juice, or orange juice. The LottaMora smoothie is strawberries, bananas and mora (which is an Andean blackberry) and it is amazing. The 24 ounce size works well for sharing with little foodies, but be prepared for squawking when it’s time to pass it. I’m pretty sure I could have downed this whole thing if Mama wouldn’t have taken it so many times for “sharing.” If your mama is nicer braver than mine, ask her to get you a paleta (popsicle) from the cooler. There are two sizes and they are delicious, albeit a little messy. The little ones have teensy umbrellas instead of sticks, and words cannot express how badly I wanted to clutch one of those delicate little things in my man-cub paws. Next time.

Mama, I'm pretty sure I can hear the ocean out there.

Mama, I’m pretty sure I can hear the ocean out there.

We also shared a delicious Queso Quartet, which is a grilled sandwich with four kinds of cheese. Cheeeeese. We added tomato to ours because mama says it makes it perfect to add that hint of acid to break up the dairy overload. She also wants me to tell any expectant mamas out there that you can add pickles to it and it is basically the best part of being pregnant. Aside from me and my sisters of course. And if you want to be super healthy, you could add avocado or sprouts. The sandwiches are grilled just right and come out already split into two halves, which makes sharing easy peasy. They don’t have a kid’s menu, but the prices are such that mama says ordering several items and splitting them up between everyone works just as well. We can’t wait to come back for breakfast – all of those options look delicious…and maybe we’ll venture up to their new location at Avalon in Alpharetta, too! We are totally down with OTP when fruit cups with vegan crema are involved. Mmmm. Crema.

590 Auburn Ave

Atlanta, GA 30312

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