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🙂 = Friendly staff. Plenty of healthy menu options. High chairs available. Parking is close to the restaurant.

🙁 = No changing tables, but it’s a single stall bathroom, which mom says works best with multi-kid potty breaks. No kids menu. No traditional kids cups, but they gave us paper coffee cups instead. Parking lot isn’t huge.

Notes: Sunday to Thursday 4:30pm-10pm; Friday to Saturday 4:30pm-11pm

Oh, Las Brasas, how we have missed the mouth-watering scent of your juicy Peruvian chicken! We are super excited that Las Brasas is back in action in their new (and expanded!) location in downtown Decatur. The mural painted on the building is fun and hip, but we barely noticed it once we got a whiff of all of that chicken cooking inside… The hostess was friendly and seated us right away and Foodie 1 got his high chair right away. A lot of people get takeout from Las Brasas, but we can’t imagine riding in a car for long with all of those smells…

Sweet Potato Chips

So, this bowl is mine. What are you guys having?

We decided to get a feast since there wasn’t a kid’s menu, and we all just shared parts of each thing. Mama and daddy loved the ceviche, and kept trying to get us to taste it, but we were suspect of their “It doesn’t taste fishy!” promises. Foodie 7 did try it though, and she said it was great as promised. Light, mild and served with giant kernels of choclo (Peruvian corn) and thin slices of red onion and a super yummy sauce. Being the picky foodies we are, our favorite protein was the chicken (duh) which Foodie 7 simply could not get enough of. We shared a whole chicken for the table, and seriously, almost every last perfectly seasoned and moist bite was GONE.



For the sides, we especially liked the simple but delicious seared asparagus. And, in case you forgot, Foodie 4 made sure to remind us all about it making our pee smell funny. Mama shrugs and says anything that makes kids eat their veggies is fair game. We also fought over the sweet potato chips, which came with a yummy dipping sauce. Foodie 1 likes anything he can dip, but if it’s crunchy and curly, it’s even better! Foodie 7 ate about half of the bowl of rice, and it went really well with the pinto beans that Toddler Foodie 1 enjoyed eating one by one. We tried a little bit of the Potato Huancaina (a giant sliced up Yukon potato served cold with some super yummy “spiced cheese quail egg” drizzled over the top) because our parents were raving about how it reminded them of really good potato salad… but we prefer our potatoes fried and drenched in ketchup. Duh.

Fork? What's that for?

Fork? What’s that for?

Last but not least, we tried both desert offerings: Flan and Triple Chocolate Cake (with Peruvian coffee sauce). Us kids were pretty positive that the chocolate cake was the best thing we had tasted in days (as evidenced by Foodie 7 licking her plate when no one was looking), but our parents were totally happy to finish our portions of the flan and told us we were nuts for not indulging. Our chocolate cake was moist and rich but they preferred the spongy flan. Foodie 4 did admit that the “honey” taste was pretty awesome, but chocolate is chocolate.



All in all, we had a great time at the new Las Brasas location. We were pretty wild, and our waitress was kind and patient and never made us feel rushed or obnoxious. Mama and Dad said they missed some of the old menu options like their favorite avocado wraps, but it looks like the menu might change and expand as the new location gets more settled. We were a bit nervous because we had heard rumors of long waits, etc., but we didn’t experience any of that at our visit. Hopefully that was just early day jitters.

614 Church St Decatur, GA 30030

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