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🙂 = High Chairs available. Lots of parking space. Huge selection of flavors and fun toppings to enhance the yumminess that is Camille’s Ice Cream. Ice cream comes with its own container to catch any melting ice cream – this is perfect for toddlers who are still learning that ice cream does, in fact, melt. (Noooo!)

🙁 = Can be difficult to find within the shopping center. You may have to park further or drive around to find an available spot. No changing tables.

Notes: They are open Monday through Friday from 12:00PM until 9:00PM. On Sunday, they are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM.

Chocolate dipped in milk chocolate and dressed in M & M's

Chocolate dipped in milk chocolate and dressed in M & M’s

After a long afternoon of helping Mom and Dad run errands, I was ready for a break! So when Mom said something about ice cream, I couldn’t have been more excited! As we walked into Camille’s Ice Cream, I completely zoned in on the huge display case of ice creams on a stick. After careful consideration, I told Mom I wanted chocolate. There were so many flavors to choose from. They even had flavors I had never heard of before, like pink bubble gum, mango yogurt, green tea, and they even had something called cappuccino.

Ice cream cheers!

Ice cream cheers!

After I picked my ice cream, Mom asked if I wanted it to be dipped in even more chocolate!!…. I nodded right away. Then, she asked if I wanted to dip it in one of the toppings, and I couldn’t believe it, but they had chopped up M&M’s!! So I had a chocolate ice cream dipped in milk chocolate and dressed in M&M’s!!! What!!! I thought it was my birthday!! Mom picked a cappuccino ice cream and dipped it in dark chocolate then in chopped peanuts. She said it was super delicious. Dad had the green tea ice cream dipped in dark chocolate, and he really wanted a second one! Next time we need to run errands, I really hope we take a break here again. 🙂

1013 W University Ave

Georgetown, Tx 78628

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