3.5 Rating

🙂 = Easy to find, and there was lots of parking available.  The service is quick so while it was busy we didn’t have to wait for a table for long before our food came. Very friendly staff that were happy to explain the proper way to use the difference types of dips that came with the food. There were both high chairs and booster chairs available. Kids are provided with a cup with a lid (you know how we feel about lids :)). Opens at 10, which is nice for people up early with kiddos.

🙁 = There was not a kids’ menu, and there wasn’t a changing table in the restrooms.

Notes: Hours: 10am – 10pm Moday – Sunday


Can we say, “YUM!?”

Okay, if you guys didn’t already know….I love noodles! And once again, that’s what my belly was asking me to eat for dinner. So when Mom told me we were going to try a new restaurant tonight and promised that they’d have noodles there, I was pumped! Hello, Duy Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant! We sat down right away, and Mom ordered the Duck and Bamboo Noodle Soup, while Dad had the noodle soup with sliced pork, pork leg, pork blood; and for me – a side order of rice noodles with extra meatballs, I wasn’t sure what to expect so Mom told me that it was just like pho noodles, and then, I was totally ok. As we were waiting for our food to come, Mom and Dad couldn’t help but look through the yummy menu some more, and then, they couldn’t resist ordering us some Asian chicken wings (with a salt and pepper dip), rice cake and egg omelet (with a soy sauce mixture for dip), and some fried bites (cut pieces of a fried dough stick)!! I love me some chicken wings so I was instantly excited about those.



Mom’s face lite up when she saw all the bamboo in her soup because it reminded her of when she was little, and her Grandma would make something similar. Dad was excited to dig in to his sliced pork and noodle soup, which had a clear broth, but it smelled so flavorful and had some yummy pork inside too. He said it was just what the doctor order since he had been a little sick the past few days. And Mom was right!… my soup was just like pho! We all LOVED the wings and agreed that we could’ve eaten a whole order each! The rice cake omelet was also delish, but the soy sauce mixture was a little bit too spicy for me. Mom and Dad loved the fried bites because it was just like a street food they use to get on their trips to Taiwan. I thought it was kind of hard to chew so I only tried a small bite.

By the end of dinner, I was happy and so was my belly. 🙂 I’m sure we’ll be visiting again soon – Mom says she couldn’t get enough of the wings!

10901 N Lamar Blvd

Austin, Texas 78753

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