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🙂 = Delicious food!  This place definitely makes me think of Austin, Texas.  While it can be packed, it is a fun experience.  So much to look at! There is free coffee and water while you wait outside, lots of seating too.

🙁 = Parking can be difficult because this place gets packed. There is usually a wait but it seems to move along pretty quickly. The restaurant is very cozy. The tables are all within arms reach of each other.

Notes: Don’t forget to indicate if you need a high chair or booster. They will get the seat ready for your kiddo before you get to the table. They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week!

Today, Mom had this fun idea for us to all go eat Magnolia Café down by Lake Austin! She said it was an old favorite place for her and Dad to eat “before I came along.” I didn’t know anything existed before I came along, so I just played along. 🙂 As soon as we got there, I knew this place would have good food because there was a line at 9am! We put our names on the waitlist and sat down in the big waiting section outside. But to my relief, we didn’t have to wait very long at all before they called our name – and thank goodness because I was starving! It was just enough time for Dad to get a cup of complimentary coffee (Mom told me that means “free”) or as Dad called it “coffree” (he’s really not that funny).

Texas Benedict with perfect poached eggs.

Texas Benedict with perfect poached eggs.

What came next, I did not expect at all – the people! the noise! the aromas!!!  The place was packed! Every table had huge plates of food with cups and cups of coffee or juice. Everyone I walked by looked so happy, talking with each other and eating good food. The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable was how squished everything was, which also made the restaurant really, really loud. Good thing I didn’t need a high chair because I wasn’t sure where I would sit! And did I mention it was loud? The buzz of everyone talking made my ears hurt, but that did not matter today – I was on a mission to fill my empty tummy – end of story.

The most delish spinach and artichoke dip EVER.

The most delish spinach and artichoke dip EVER.

And boy, did I fill my empty tummy! Mom ordered me the Kids’ Breakfast and told me I could choose from three of these to make my own breakfast: one egg, one pancake, bacon, sausage, toast, and fruit. Anyone who knows me, knows that I ordered – the egg, (chocolate chip) pancake, and… BACON! (I love bacon…) Mom then ordered the Texas Benedict for herself, which came with two poached eggs served over sausage and a buttermilk biscuit (yum!) and topped with a spicy chipotle hollandaise sauce. Dad ordered the Southwest Breakfast Burrito that had eggs, sausage, cheese, and green chilies stuffed inside, and it came with his choice of sauces on top. Dad went with his gut and asked for a combo of lemon sour cream and the green (verde) sauce.  We also ordered the spinach and artichoke dip, which was really ooey-gooey and spinach-y, but to be for real-real, I could have been just fine with a basket of chips, instead of the thick bread it came with. I thought it was a little hard to eat that way. So, I just ate it straight off the spoon!

Eggs, bacon and chocolate chip  pancakes!

Eggs, bacon and chocolate chip pancakes!

In the end, we all left with happy tummies and even had food left over for later. Max, my puppy dog, definitely enjoyed the rest of Dad’s burrito when we got home, and Mom and I devoured the rest of the dip. Although Magnolia Café is not exactly the most kid-friendly restaurant, the food was so good that I’ll be asking Mom and Dad to go again soon!

2304 Lake Austin Blvd

Austin, TX 78703

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