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🙂 = Lots of parking. Highchairs and booster available. The food court is a huge space so it was great for a loud toddler.

🙁 = No kids menu. Cash only (ATM before you go!)

Notes: They are open every day from 11:00AM until 8:30PM.

At first when Mom said we were eating at the grocery store, Hana World Market, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. It sure seemed like a grocery store, but it had some pretty neat things I don’t see very often. First, they had all these live fish in a huge tank, and I got to watch one of butchers catch one! Then, we saw a huge box of crabs! Dad even got some out for us to get a better look. I’m not sure how I feel about eating those things, but they were fun to look at! After we saw the fish and crabs, everyone was super hungry. So, it was nice that we were able to walked straight out of the grocery store and into the food court. There were a few places to pick from, but Mom and Dad said they really wanted some Korean comfort food so we found ourselves at Hana Yoree.



Right away, Dad got us all a bowl of FREE egg drop soup! I love eggs, and I love soup, so this was great! All we had to do was scoop and serve ourselves. For the meal, Mom got a big bowl of JjamBbong, which had all kinds of seafood inside! It’s a spicy noodle soup with mussels, squid, and lots of perfectly tender zucchini and carrots.  Dad got the Dol Sot Bibim Bap (totally fun for me to say!), which came in a hot stone pot with rice, egg, beef, and a bunch of veggies. The hot stone pot made the rice extra crispy, and if you looked really closely, you can see the steam coming from it!


All this delicious food!

All the different ingredients made the dish so pretty and colorful, it reminded me of finger paints! But my dish (which is my all time favorite) was a huge plate of delicious barbecued short ribs called Gal Bi. (I could pretty much eat this all day!) It came with a bowl of white rice that went perfectly with the meat. So, I was a happy camper! As we finished our meal, I heard Dad tell Mom that the best thing about this restaurant was that nothing is over $12.  We were all full and happy all for under $25! I’m not sure why this made Dad so happy, but if it means we can keep coming back, that works for me! You should try Hana Yoree too – you’ll love it.

1700 W Parmer Ln #100

Austin, TX 78727

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