Who is three and a half, lives in Chicago, and loves to eat? ….This isn’t a trick question. The answer is pretty obvious, actually… Ok, ok, I’ll tell you…it’s ME!! See the picture of that cute kid above?? That’s me!! My parents call me “Crash” (I think it’s because I really like to jump off stuff. And onto stuff. And from one thing to another. I don’t always land on my feet either, but it’s fun to see if I can make it!).

Anyway, my Daddy says taking me to restaurants and writing about it for others to read sounds insane, but Mommy assured him that if a restaurant can handle me and still be standing afterwards, then other families should try them out too! I love to eat, flirt with waitresses, and cheer on sports (Go Hawks!) with my parents…did I mention I really like food?! I can’t wait to get started!! So, check back really soon for our first post, ok?

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