Chicago Toddler Foodies - Howard Street Inn Review
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🙂 = Casual atmosphere, great place to watch sports with kids! The patio is a good size and has tv’s too. High chairs and a changing table available.

🙁 = No actual kids menu, but they have kid-friendly food options on their “Under $7” menu. Food seemed pre-packaged and the presentation was pretty casual (plastic ramekins for sauces, a plain Styrofoam cup for kids drink, etc) but it is a sports bar…

Notes: This neighborhood restaurant and bar is right next to the Tam O’Shanter Golf Course. Kitchen is open Sun-Tue 11am-10pm, Wed-Sat 11am-12am, and the Bar is open 7am-2am everyday. They have drink and food specials daily, including an all-you-can-eat breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-12pm.

In case you haven’t heard, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this year. AGAIN. Mommy and Daddy were really excited about this and kept taking me to fun places and let me stay up late so they could watch the games (yay!). For game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, we headed out to a local sports bar & restaurant, Howard Street Inn, to meet nana, my uncle, and some other friends.

We parked in the lot, and when we walked in, we were greeted by a very pretty girl in a Hawks shirt just like mine! I immediately gave her my biggest smile, and she knelt down to talk with me — she was very friendly and helped us find my uncle who got there early to save us a table.

All the adults got buckets of beers, and I reached for one too, but mommy quickly handed me the milk she ordered for me…in a cup…with a lid (so lame — what will the pretty hostess think?!). However, I got over it as soon as the fried macaroni & cheese bites arrived!

Chicago Toddler Foodies - Howard Street Inn Review - Appetizers

Appetizers at Howard Street Inn

They came very hot so I had to blow on mine before I could dip it into the tangy marinara sauce. They were crispy on the outside and creamy and delicious on the inside. I liked these a lot and grabbed another before I could be told no.

We also got pretzel bites (also very hot) that we got to dip in cheese! I’ve never seen liquid cheese before, and let me tell you, it was gooooood – I want to put it on everything! I even ate some with my finger, but mommy took it away after that. The pretzel bites tasted a little more fried than we hoped and were just ok, but we were all hungry so no one complained.

Daddy ordered buffalo wings next and made a huge mess of his hands and face while mommy and I crunched on carrot and celery sticks. He said the wings were spicy, flavorful and pretty meaty (he’s a tough critic too since he orders these ALL the time).

Chicago Toddler Foodies - Howard Street Inn Review - Wings

Wings and beer (Daddy’s) at Howard Street Inn

We all watched some hockey and munched on the snacks. I noticed there were a lot of kids at other tables too; and everyone seemed to be having fun; and no one really minded us kids hanging around. We have been here before, and since mommy knew they didn’t have any activities for me, she packed crayons, card games, my “guys,” and even the iPad (whooo!) to keep me entertained. Unfortunately, there was no kids’ menu, but the “Under $7” worked great for little tummies like mine.

Chicago Toddler Foodies - Howard Street Inn - Menu

Small bites menu at Howard Street Inn

I got the grilled cheese. It was a double decker, and it blew my mind. There were 3 slices of bread and cheese in between each layer. Even though it was on white bread, with regular ‘ole American cheese, it was a golden brown and very gooey and delicious. The fries were also cooked perfectly and were so hot when they arrived I had to wait to eat them. (Mommy was impressed with this since they were so busy.)

The adults ordered pizza, which is a specialty of HSI. It was a thin crust, which in Chicago is acceptable if super crispy, and it was. The sauce tasted tangy and a bit sweet, but my favorite was the four cheese blend on top. It was the perfect amount and didn’t over power the thin crust and sauce. They got mushrooms and olives and some green stuff (peppers) on top, and it was so good that I didn’t even complain about the veggies or pick them off!

By this time, it was super late, and we were very full and very happy since the Hawks WON, and they even played the fun song while everybody danced and sang. While HSI isn’t a culinary destination, it’s a fun, family-friendly restaurant with an attentive staff and a great place to grab a quick meal or watch your favorite sports team. GO HAWKS!!

6700 Howard St

Niles, IL 60714

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