Chicago Toddler Foodies - Wildberry Cafe Review
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🙂 = The food. Wow. So delicious! This clean restaurant is located right near Millenium Park with quick and friendly service. A good sized kids’ menu, highchairs, and a changing table in the restroom also make this spot super family-friendly for a bite in the city!

🙁 = Since it’s so yummy, the wait was a little long, and there’s not much space to wait inside. Fine for a summer morning, but plan accordingly for colder weather. No crayons or activities for the kids.

Notes: Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe has 3 locations (Chicago, Libertyville, & Schaumburg) and are open 6:30am-2:30pm daily.

“Take your kid to work day” = my new favorite day of the year!! I got to take a train downtown with mommy, and she was really excited to try a new (to us) pancake place – Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe. She says pancakes were her biggest craving when I was in her tummy, and now that she sees how many I can eat, it all makes sense. I’m not sure what that means….I just know I really like pancakes.

We walked over from the train to the restaurant and went inside to put our name on the list. The nice lady handed me the buzzer (score!), and we headed back outside with all the other people waiting. We were assured it was worth the wait by the group of very loud ladies next to us that kept commenting on how adorable I was (duh!). They were right, not only am I cute, but it didn’t take that long to get a table. Even so, Mommy came prepared with snacks and stickers for me (she’s so smart).

Chicago Toddler Foodies - Waiting at Wildberry Cafe

Patiently waiting outside Wildberry Cafe

We sat down at our table, and the waitress came over immediately, got our drink order, and was back with them before mommy even settled me in with my guys and my coloring book. Mommy asked me what I wanted to eat…. “PANCAKES!” I yelled before she got to any other options. (Mommy’s note: there are tons of fancy pancakes like Oreo® S’mores and Fruity Pebbles® on the kids menu, but those options were not presented to this Toddler Foodie since I knew we were going to my office afterwards, which was going to have tons of sweets for the kiddo! I have to draw the line somewhere 🙂 )

Mommy ordered for us, and I barely had time to really get into my coloring before the food arrived! It looked goooood. The pancakes had this white powdery stuff  (powdered sugar) all over them, and I immediately dug my finger in to taste it – yum!!! Mom’s been holding out on me…

Chicago Toddler Foodies - Wildberry Cafe Food

Anxiously waiting for mom to take the picture so I can eat already!

Mommy got me PLAIN pancakes (ugh), but I saw hers were much more colorful, and they had fruit, so I whined until she shared those with me. Wow, I’m glad I did that! Look at that picture above! The white lines are a vanilla anglaise (it tasted like frosting), and the dark pink lines are a blackberry coulis (sweet like homemade jam), but the best part was the berry marscapone in the middle (sort of like a really thick and super creamy berry yogurt). Even I didn’t need syrup with these! At first she seemed a little mad she had to share, but Mommy said she was happy she could scoop some of the topping and the filling onto my plate since there was a lot of it, and it was super sweet (regardless, we didn’t leave a crumb).

We also had the Garden Skillet with TONS of yummy veggies stuff inside (I only ate some since they were covered in cheese), and the eggs on top were cooked exactly right (mommy is super finicky about the level of yellow stuff that oozes out. This had a lot, which is apparently a good thing). We only finished about half of this since we both really focused on the pancakes.

Even though we waited about 30 minutes, the whole experience was about an hour (super quick service!), and we headed off to mommy’s office for a fun day at work! Since there is a location near my cousins in the suburbs, mommy said we will definitely come back to Wildberry – yay!!!

130 E Randolph St

Chicago, IL 60601

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