Chicago Toddler Foodies - Fogo's Peri Peri
1.5 Rating

🙂 = Great wings, not too crowded at dinner time and very casual so if your kids like to run around there really isn’t anyone to disturb.

🙁 = Extremely slow and rude service, limited menu and not enough options for kids. Staff was unhelpful when we were asking questions about items.

Notes: Fogo’s Peri Peri is open Mon-Thu 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-12am and Sun 12pm-10pm.

We heard the wings at Fogo’s Peri Peri are incredible, so we headed out to see (taste) for ourselves. There was only 1 customer waiting when we arrived on a Wednesday evening so we thought it would be quick. Boy, were we wrong!

Mommy and Daddy were able to take their time looking at the menu since the only person working there didn’t acknowledge us for a full 5 minutes. Mommy had some questions on the menu, but the lady behind the counter didn’t seem to be answering them since Mommy looked frustrated. Despite this, we kept on browsing through the menu, and I happen to love corn on the cob so mommy ordered me that and chicken with a “kid-friendly sauce,” which was suggested by the lady working the counter. Mommy sneered at the juice options provided for me (since they were not ‘natural’). So, she was happy we brought milk from home for me.

We took our seats and waited FOREVER for our food. No other customers came in during this time so I’m not really sure what took so long, but we colored, played with my cars, and looked for letters on the big wall. Finally, the one lady who was working (there were two other people that appeared and disappeared a few times) announced to Mommy that they were out of corn for me so she had to order me fries instead – YAY for me! We got our food…. BUT My waffle fries weren’t ready yet, but mommy cut up my chicken and told me to give it a try….

Chicago Toddler Foodies - Fogo's Peri Peri Tasting

This sauce is NOT kid-friendly!

Even though the lady said the Lemon & Herb flavor was good for kids, I did NOT like it! Seriously, check out my face in the picture above…It was SO spicy that I reached for my water and started chugging! Mommy asked if there was another option, or if they could made plain chicken for me. Although they were able to make me a new batch, they didn’t seem happy about it….and I still didn’t have fries.

Mommy and Daddy were starving too so they also dug into their food. Daddy had chicken wings (of course!) and ordered them medium. He said they were much spicier than he anticipated for medium but had great flavor and were very meaty (a huge compliment from daddy!). He also had cassava fries, which were supposed to be a healthier type of potato. They had a spice on them so I refused to try it after my chicken experience. Daddy said they were pretty dry and somewhat under-cooked. So, he got one of the garlic dipping sides from another worker and said that made them better, but they were still pretty bland.

Chicago Toddler Foodies - Fogo's Peri Peri

Finally, the food arrived! Well, most of it.

My plain chicken finally arrived with my waffle fries. The chicken was still spicy so I refused to eat it, but the fries were pretty normal so we all ate those.

Mommy ordered a chicken pita and said the perinaise sauce was really flavorful and not too spicy. (Perinaise is a sauce made from piri piri chiles and mayonnaise). She also dumped a whole bunch of the garlic sauce on it since, besides the little bit of flavor from the chicken, it was pretty plain. She ordered rice on the side since I usually eat tons of it (and I originally was supposed to have corn so she wanted a variety), but it was spicy and kind of dry so none of us really ate it.

Overall, none of us were very impressed with the food or the service; it took over an hour, and I had a PB&J at home since I was starving. Daddy liked the wings. So, we would probably order take-out for him in the future, but we will not be coming back as a family.

4915 Oakton Street

Skokie, IL 60077

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