Toddler Foodies Chicago - Village Inn Review
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🙂 = This neighborhood pizzeria and sports bar has been a staple in the area for years and is dependable for quick, friendly service and good food. High chairs for the kids and BRAND NEW, gorgeous, clean bathrooms with changing tables!! (For those that know this place, it’s a very exciting and welcome change). A great outdoor seating area with cover for super sunny or potentially rainy days.

🙁 = No actual kids’ menu but there are a lot of kid-friendly options. Can get really crowded at times (a hot spot for after baseball or soccer games for entire teams of kids, parents, & siblings).

Notes: The Village Inn is open Sunday-Thursday 11AM-2AM and Friday-Saturday 11AM-3AM (kitchen closes earlier). Carry-out, delivery and catering also available.

We went to go see the Minions movie and wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before heading home. We knew exactly where to go – The Village Inn! It was a Friday night at 7pm so we knew it could be crowded but got lucky and arrived just before a baseball team and got a table in the corner of the main dining room (it’s seat yourself).

Our waitress came over right away and brought us waters (mine with a top & straw), and daddy happily ordered a beer off of the loooong list on our table. I was starving (and maybe a little whiny) so the waitress brought me some crackers while mommy and daddy figured out what we should order off the giant menu. While there is no kids’ menu, they have chicken fingers, grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, quesadillas, etc. that are all good (I think I’ve tried them all!). Normally the ‘rents get salads or something boring, but tonight, they let me choose so, of course, I chose pizza…with olives!!

While we were waiting for our food, daddy took me out front to watch them toss the dough and put toppings on the pizzas through the giant window. Then, they put the pizzas into a giant rotating oven to cook. It’s really fun to watch, and, if you are lucky, the guys will really put on a show of tossing the pizza dough!

Toddler Foodies Chicago - Village Inn Review

Salads at a pizza place? Awesome!

We did end up getting a big Cobb salad to share before the pizza arrived, and the waitress even had it split. Mom and Dad were very pleased with that and dug right in. I tried some of the avocado and turkey (dipped in ranch, duh), and it was really good! They say it’s rare to find such good, fresh salads in a bar and are always happy with the salads and wraps here (probably why we keep coming back!). It also came with yummy warm bread and butter, which I helped them gobble up!

Toddler Foodies Chicago - Village Inn Review

YUM! I snagged a slice before mommy could take a picture!

The pizza arrived quickly and was perfectly cooked (thanks to the rotating ovens, I bet!). I stole a piece before mommy could take a picture… Sorry. It looked the same as the rest of the pieces, but she still seemed pretty annoyed. I am sure she got over it since she was hungry. In case you were wondering, the pizza here is fantastic. Since we’re from Chicago, we prefer deep dish, but the thin crust here is award winning (says the menu and the website). The sauce has the slightest amount of sweetness to it, and there is a perfect amount of cheese (very easy to over-do it with cheese). I like olives on mine….sometimes… so we got half-cheese just in case I changed my mind. This time the olives were a hit, and I ate everything on my plate, flirted with the waitress some more, and then, we headed home.

Another great experience at the Village Inn…you should come try it too!

8050 Lincoln Ave

Skokie, IL 60076

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