The Toddler Foodies - Ten Mile House
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🙂 = Great family-friendly restaurant in the middle of downtown Evanston. Some outdoor seating, plenty of high chairs, a changing table, well appointed kids’ menu, and friendly staff. You can’t go wrong!

🙁 = Right across from Northwestern’s stadium so lookout on game days as it can get super busy! Street parking only so you kinda need to get lucky, but we didn’t have a problem. They only take limited reservations, but this could be a plus depending on your situation…

Notes: Ten Mile House is open Mon-Thu 4:30-11, Fri until 12, Sat 11:30-12 and Sun 10-3:30, brunch at 10 (Sunday only).

It was a Friday and neither mommy nor daddy felt like cooking, which meant we got to go out and try a new place in Evanston! We’ve heard great things from other families about this place. So, of course, we had to check it out for ourselves. We passed some cool-looking shops and places on the way, and there was a HUGE stadium across the street (Northwestern’s Ryan Field & Welsh-Ryan Arena).

We parked down the street and walked into Ten Mile House on Friday around 6pm, and it was hopping! There were lots of families and people eating both inside and outside. We didn’t have a reservation but were seated within 10 minutes inside. Mommy was squealing about the artwork. Something about “The Dude Abides” that neither daddy nor I thought was as exciting as she did, but the owners have a “thing” for the movie (The Big Lebowski), and it became their decoration inspiration. Mommy was thrilled and talked to the host about it forever.

We finally sat down, and the hostess gave me a PINK marker with a cool drawing page that I could wipe off and draw on again! The waitress took our drink order and brought them out quickly while we decided what to eat. There was a kids’ menu so the ‘rents were pleased, and I chose cheese pizza, even though there were several other items that looked yummy too!

The Toddler Foodies - Ten Mile House

Drawing on the plastic menu with my PINK marker!

The restaurant was very open and airy. You could see into the kitchen, and there was a bar with a TV that people either waited at or ate their meal up there. Daddy kept checking the score on the Cubs game (they won!) and chatted with the dad of the family next to us about how well they are doing (everyone talks about the Cubs these days!). Mommy and I drew happily until the food came, which didn’t take too long!

The Toddler Foodies Chicago - Ten Mile House

Pizza and Salmon Salad at Ten Mile House. Can’t wait to dig in!

My pizza was very hot so mommy cut some up for me to cool down before I ate any. It had some black stuff on it (charred pieces from the oven, which mommy & daddy think ‘add flavor’) that I made her pick off, but other than that, the pizza was really good, and I ate more than half of it myself! It was the thin kind that is made in a super cool wood oven that you could see from our table. It wasn’t overly cheesy and the tomato sauce had a smoky flavor from the oven.

Mommy and daddy got a salad with salmon on it, and they were possibly a little too happy that the kitchen split it for them (they don’t get out much). There were artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, and feta in it with a lemon-garlic dressing. They mumbled some stuff in between bites about how good it was so it sounded like they enjoyed it. They also got a fancy cheese pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil. They loved this too and didn’t even sneak bites of my pizza!

Everyone in the place was very friendly and we left with happy tummies. We will definitely be back!

Ten Mile House

1700 Central Street, Evanston, IL 60201

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