Hello fellow foodies, I am a major foodie enthusiast, who is relocating from Austin, Texas.  I am a very energetic, wild, and free-spirited 2 year old.  Other than food, I love music, dancing, mine craft, zombies, superheroes and going on adventures with my bestie, who is a Toddler Foodie in Austin.  I also enjoy playing with my two big sisters and making everyone in my family laugh.

When it comes to food, I am a meat connoisseur and a lover of fruits and snacks. Although, I may not like everything on the menu, I am always willing to try something at least once.  My mommy and daddy are definitely big foodie lovers of all kinds. My mother is part Italian/Mexican and my father is part Japanese so we have a wide variety of foods on our daily menu.

We will be moving to Portland, Texas in June which is located next to Corpus Christi.  My family and I are very anxiously awaiting for the move and cannot wait to experience the different foods that Corpus and Portland have to offer.  I am very happy to be joining the Toddler Foodie family and even more excited to be sharing all my yummy dining experiences with all of you!

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