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🙂 = High chairs available, kid’s menu with several options, and changing table in women’s restroom.  Easy parking also available.

🙁 = Slow service. Did not receive all meals at once.

Mommy and Daddy saw the restaurant Pep’s when we moved to Portland. We have all been very curious what kind of food was inside and today we got to find out. We arrived and only had to wait for them to set up the table for us. When we got to the table, they had a high chair already waiting for me. So far, it was a great start.

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Tortilla chips and two kinds of salsas were brought to our table right when were seated.  So… I guess this is a Mexican restaurant. I love love chips and salsa, so I’m one happy boy. There was a red one and a green one. My favorite was the red one, the green one was extra spicy… too spicy for me. My mommy said the green one was called salsa verde and it was made with tomatillos… that one was her favorite.

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The waiter quickly appeared and asked what we wanted to drink. My mommy ordered me a water and a margarita on the rocks with no salt for herself; my daddy ordered Guinness on draft. Then the waiter left to give us more time to read the menu.

The menu was very interesting… it had mostly Mexican food, but then it also had a few Italian dishes; like pasta and fettuccine alfredo. There were also a few American dishes, such as steak, burgers, and quail. For all the grandmas and grandpas; there was a senior citizen menu for items only $5.25.

While we were still deciding, the waiter brought my mommy and daddy their drinks and they both agreed that the margarita was quite refreshing and delicious.

When it came time to order, I had lots to choose from on my kid’s menu; my mommy ordered me chicken tenders because I don’t really like tacos or enchiladas, maybe one day I will. My mommy ordered beef fajitas that she wanted to share with my Boppy (grandpa). My daddy ordered a combination plate that consisted of 2 cheese enchiladas, a fajita taco and a chalupa and then he ordered cheese enchiladas for my big sister.

2015-06-19 19.29.31

It seemed like we waited forever before the waiter came back to refill our drinks, chips, and salsa. When he finally brought a dish to us, it was only my mommy and Boppy’s fajitas on a hot sizzling plate. It looked super hot and very scrumptious, BUT he forgot to bring their tortillas, rice, beans and even their plates. More time passed before he brought those and even more time passed before my daddy, Sissy and even me received our food. Thank goodness my mommy gave me some fajita meat while I waited… my tummy was rumbling.

My mommy and boppy were not very excited about the fajitas and said that they were not very flavorful. My daddy and sissy liked their enchiladas and but my daddy said the fajita taco he got with his combination plate was not very yummy.


I don’t think that we will be going back to Pep’s unless they have some improvements with their wait time and customer service. My mommy had high hopes, especially since there are not many restaurants in Portland.

1807 US-181

Portland, TX 78374

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