What do Andrew Zimmern, Tony Bourdain, and Tom Sietsema have in common? They all hate me cause they ain’t me. Zimmern’s got nothing on this little foodie. Bourdain? Toddler, please! And Sietsema only wishes he had the DC food scene on lock.

I kid, I kid. Those old dudes are totally rad. But I’m younger, fresher, and better looking. That’s right. I’m three, got mad tasting skills, and rock hair that K-pop pretty boys only fantasize of. I personally think I have a complex palate that ranges from chicken nuggets to french fries. My folks say I’m dreaming. They’re out to change that real quick. Coming from the tried and true mentality that practice makes perfect, they say if I keep practicing eating different kinds of food I will perfect liking them. Can’t argue with that. So, let’s get this party started!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? ….. Me. DC Metro’s premier Toddler Foodie. That’s what’s up.

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