Georgetown Cupcake
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🙂 = Uhhh, CUPCAKES?! Can’t get much more kid friendly than that.

🙁 = Georgetown location means there is no Metro access. It also means that street parking can be ridiculously hard to find. There are plenty of more expensive garage options which doesn’t make much sense unless you are planning on spending a few hours there. No high chairs, boosters, or changing tables. Seating and space are extremely limited (just four 4-top tables). But average table turnover is pretty quick so you’re bound to land a table while waiting for your order (reminder, please be courteous and clean up after your mini-me for the next person as there is no time for staff to wipe down tables between patrons). Or you can just box up your goodies to-go and enjoy them on the waterfront. Expect lines literally out the door unless you get there early. And if you do find yourselves waiting outside, be sure to hold on tight to the little ones as the shop is situated right at the corner of busy 33rd and M streets, and the sidewalks are pretty narrow.

Notes: There’s a second location in Bethesda (4834 Bethesda Ave, MD 20814). And for any out-of-towners reading this, there are also locations in NY, Boston, LA, and Atlanta. If you’re not in any of those locales, worry not! They ship nationwide! They have limited vegan and gluten free options but caution anyone with dairy allergies against consuming their cupcakes.

Ahhh, the famous Georgetown Cupcake. TLC made it a local institution with their show, DC Cupcakes. Now, there are lines out the door every day of the week, especially in the summer when all the tourists are in town. Thanks for nothing TLC! Thanks for nothing.

Thankfully, my dad got us there early enough (about 11am on a weekday) to avoid a line. He’s so smart. If this were a blog on smartness, he’d be my recurring subject. But it’s not. Sorry. You’ll have to pardon my three year old tangents. But he IS smart. And firetrucks are awesome. Sorry. There I go again.

Anyways, back to cupcakes…


Decisions, decisions!

It may only be four white walls and hardwood floors but this place makes me happy. The only bursts of color are all Georgetown Cupcake signatures – the cupcakes, the pink boxes, and the Warhol-esque cupcake wall art (Yeah, I know a Warhol when I see one. I have one of rubber duckies in my playroom. Whut!). The oversized windows bring in loads of natural light and allow the distractions of the outside world to occupy my baby bro’s attention. Meanwhile, the inside world here is just as busy. The tiny L-shaped layout mixed with the white noise of other people’s conversations, customer-employee interactions, and baking trays sliding onto holding carts is oddly soothing. It got the assist for putting my bro to sleep. But I can see how it could be overwhelming for my fellow three-feet-and-under contemporaries who aren’t so comfortable in small spaces or loud environments.

There were only about 6 people in front of us when we got there, which gave me plenty of time to admire the altar of yum before me – and to pick which flavors would be tickling my taste buds this day. I made up my mind. It would be all of them. Pops said I was dreaming. Said his tolerance for my sugar high stood firmly at one cupcake. So I had to make this count. I had to use the force and choose wisely. Then there it was. Double Milk Chocolate Birthday. Calling to me like a Limited Edition Grave Digger Hot Wheels Monster Truck called to me from a Toys R Us shelf the other day. It had a chocolate bottom, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting, and rainbow sprinkles.  It was glorious. And it would be mine. Protocol led me to slowly savor the sweet, ROY G BIV candy dot-infused vanilla frosting before fiercely inhaling the moist chocolate cupcake portion. Sigh. I miss her. But I wouldn’t trade the short time we had together for anything. Well, maybe I would. Yup. I’d trade it for another cupcake.

Chocolate Birthday Cupcake

Give me liberty or give me Double Milk Chocolate Birthday!

Pops had one of their newer flavors – Key Lime Cheesecake. A key lime cheesecake bottom with a graham cracker crust topped with a gorgeous key lime frosting and candy lime. He said it was beautiful. He said it also called to him. It called to him like a rare, vinyl, mint condition Purple Rain album called to him on e-bay the other day. I feel ya, daddio. I feel ya.

We’re sure to come back again and again because, in addition to the flavors that are offered everyday, they also have different flavors on offer for different days of the week. There are also seasonal cupcakes for every month of the year. I admit it, man. They got me hooked. Hook, line, and sucker. I mean sinker. This place totes rocks my world!

3301 M Street NW

Washington, DC 20007

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