5 Rating
🙂 = The festival had over 40 trucks participating so there was something for everybody! Like Truckeroo, there was a music stage featuring local bands for everyone to groove to. They even had cameos from a magician, Elsa, and Spiderman! The Fairgrounds had surprisingly clean bathrooms with changing stations. And in addition to food trucks, they also had local vendors, which included everything from boutique clothing to a Washington Nationals truck giving away free Nats hand towels. Score!
 🙁 = Although their Facebook page mentioned there would be covered and indoor seating, we did not see any but did notice plenty of bleacher seating. Due to the heat and humidity, we chose to eat in the comfort of our air conditioned car.
 Notes: There is only one remaining date for the Festival, September 26, and runs from 11:00am-7:00pm. Parking is $5 for the whole day. The gummy bear rating above is for the event only. There are gummy ratings further down for each individual food truck.
 Tips: Check their FB page for a comprehensive do’s and don’ts list.

Guess what? I got a fever. And the only prescription. Is more cowbell…I mean, food truck. The only prescription is more food truck! Truckeroo from the day before was a huge success, and it left me feening for more. So day two found us at The Prince William County Fairgrounds in Manassas for the first ever Woodbridge Food Truck Festival. Say what? I know, I know. It’s not a misprint. You’re wondering why an event would call itself the Woodbridge Food Truck Festival but hold it in Manassas? Well, let me school you right quick. The festival is in its first year and actually did have it’s inaugural event in Woodbridge on May 23rd at Gar-Field High School. But it exceeded all expectations, and the venue proved to be too small for the 20,000+ people that ended up attending! Hence, the move to P-Dub Fairgrounds. Like all newbie events, there was bound to be a learning curve. But they more than made up for it with the second go around! Here’s an apology note from the organizers.

Anyhoo, we did a quick stop here before heading to Ikea to grab me my new full size bed. Toddla what! Dad went the BBQ route again and tried the pulled pork sandwich with a side of garlic, carmelized onion, and jalepeno mac n’ cheese from Smoking Kow. There were no food marriage vows administered this day, but he enjoyed everything, nonetheless. Said both were absolutely brilliant but that he was still getting over his glorious brisket hangover from the day before. He wants to to hunt Smoking Kow down again and try their signature dishes: American BBQ Tacos and Mac n’ Meat. Don’t tell my pops, but if he orders that Mac n’ Meat next time, I’m gonna have to jack him for it. For serious. I mean, how genius does that sound?! But what he especially loved was that they sold their signature spice rub and house-made BBQ sauces too – original, chipotle, and mambo. For those who’ve been living under a rock on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, mambo (or mumbo) is an original DC sauce. That’s right. DC! Sorry TodFoo™ Chicago. You’re still my homie though.

Plantains, cachapa, arepa, and pulled pork

BBQ, arepas, cachapas, and plantains…oh my!

Mom and I. Or is it mom and me? I got it. I and mom hit up The Corn Factory. I got the pollo mechado arepa (ground corn patty grilled and stuffed with shredded chicken) while mi madre got the queso mozzarella cachapa (mozzarella stuffed Venezuelan corn pancake,  and we both shared a side of fried plantains. Both corn dishes were served with jalapeno pico de gallo and a packet of hot sauce. I laid off the heat cause it was already a bajillion degrees outside. And the humidity was heavier than my bro’s poopy diaper. But man! That corn patty was killer, yo! I went all Nacho Libre on that corn! How can something be sweet and savory at the same time?! Mind blown! And mom went above and beyond her usual, robotic “it is good” assessment and said, “We made a good choice didn’t we, Bite-size!”

And that’s what their calling me now. Bite-size. So it’s settled. I’m adopting it as my new TodFoo™ moniker. Henceforth, I shall be duly known upon this Tod blog of Foo and beyond as Bite-size. You betta recognize! TodFoo™ DC out!

Smoking Kow BBQ 5 Rating

The Corn Factory 5 Rating

10624 Dumfries Rd

Manassas, VA

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