Hoagies & sides
3.5 Rating

🙂 = Kids menu portions are generous and include choice of bottled water, OJ, apple juice, or milk. Vegetarian options available. High chairs on site. Plenty of street and garage parking, both of which are free. Directly across the street from Strawberry Park and splash fountain.
🙁 = Tall bench style seating may not be the best option for kiddos with a case of the fidgets and squirms but regular outside seating is also available. There is no bathroom in the restaurant but there are clean, public restrooms with changing stations in the garage access/Target building right next door.

Notes: Open Sun-Thurs from 11A-9P and Fri-Sat from 11A-10P. Various locations throughout the DC Metro area.

Tips: Mosaic District has a ton of weekly kid friendly activities during the summer including Stories From Strawberry Park (Tuesdays 10A-11A), Films In The Park (Fridays 7P-10P), Cartoons And Coffee (Saturdays 9A-10A), Central Farmers Market (Sundays 9:30A-2:30P), and Spark Yoga For Morning Flow (Sundays 9A-10A). All events take place at Strawberry Park except for the Farmers Market which is held at District Ave.

Last Tuesday (July 14) was National Cow Appreciation Day, so Big Daddy and Bahama Mama gave me a choice: butcher the moo monster and appreciate him as a mouth-watering burger or show mercy and devour his porky, barnyard neighbor instead. Sorry, Miss Piggy. I’ll catch you on the flippity-flop. I got your back come National Pig Appreciation Day. Whenever that is. Or if it even exists.

Seeing as it was a gorgeous SoCal type of evening, the folks took me and the bro-ski to Mosaic. To say I love Mosaic does not do this place justice. Love is fleeting. But what isn’t fleeting? I know! Monster trucks. I “monster truck” Mosaic. This place has everything – shops, restaurants, The Angelika, bars for the old people, Mosaic Yards, and Strawberry Park. If the purpose of a girlfriend is to make me happy every time I see her, then I would totally ask Strawberry Park to go steady. She has perfectly manicured…grass for me to run around in. And her splash fountain cries tears of joy every time she sees me. So, I play in that too. If loving her is wrong. I don’t wanna be right.

Right across from my main squeeze was this place called Taylor Gourmet. Totally caught my eye with the bright yellow umbrellas covering their al fresco seating. This place was pretty cool. They’ll hate me for saying this, but it was kinda like a super fancy-shmancified Subway. It’s counter service. And after deciding what kind of sandwich floats your boat you choose the kind of bread you want it on. But that’s where the similarity ends. These are straight Philly style hoagies. And totes, they kick Subway to the curb. I mean, just listen to what we got. Moms got the Church – hot Italian sausage, sautéed onions & peppers, and sharp provolone. Now we know why it’s called what it is. Totally took her to church – singing praises to the gods of spicy and juicy. Pops got the Girard. Same as the Church, only it had citrus braised pork instead of sausage. My dad likes his food wet. He’s big on extra sauce and anything that just makes his food drown. That’s why he especially loved how the bread soaked up the marinade and oil from the pork and veggies. I got the grilled cheese sandwich with ham, and let me tell you – I think they filled it with the entire pig! I’ve never seen so much ham in my life. When I took my first bite, I had to spit it out in surprise. Just not used to that much pig. But after I got over the initial “ham shock,” I was cool with it. I only finished half my sandwich because – did I mention – there was so much ham in there?! And this was from the the kids menu! These guys are seriously generous with their meat!

Ham & cheese sandwich

Ham & Cheeeeeeese!

We also got the polenta fries with marinara, which me and mom weren’t fans of. Dad tricked me. I thought they were regular fries. Not cool, daddio. Not cool. He was the only one that loved them though the sauce was a tad on the salty side. Fried crispiness on the outside and creamy grittiness on the inside. He called us weirdos. Couldn’t understand how we could love corn and corn muffins but not polenta. Thankfully, he also ordered us a side of roasted corn salad with red bell pepper, zucchini, red onion, scallions, chives and jalapeños with a sweet lemon dressing. Now, this hit the spot! Even though it had jalapeños, I didn’t find it crazy spicy. But I have a higher heat threshold than most little dudes and dudettes.

WTHeck man! These ain't french fries!

WTHeck man! These ain’t french fries!

Oh, and instead of the boring ol’ Coke or Pepsi products, Taylor’s sported a Puck’s soda fountain with nifty flavors like cream soda, sugar cane cola, and black cherry. Bonus!

Taylor Gourmet. You get me. You do hoagies right. And you helped me save a cow. Oh, and thanks for offering to keep an eye on my girl, Strawberry, for me until my next visit. Bite-size approved!

2905 District Ave. #160

Fairfax, VA 22031

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