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🙂 = High chairs available, ready, and waiting upon our arrival. Plenty of metered street parking which are, of course, free on Sundays. Really cool, bright, and vivid wall art that are sure to catch the kiddos’ eyes. Staff are super friendly and smiley! I like that.

🙁 = No kids eat free. No kids menu but the menu is so bright and colorful that the munchkins will still probably want to pretend to read it. No changing tables in the bathroom although there are really funky, carnival-type mirrors that little ones (and dads) will more than likely spend a few minutes in front of acting like fools.

TodFooDC: Yo! What up, Foodbaby!

FoodbabyNY: ATL! What’s up, my dude?

TodFooATL: That’s messed up, yo.

TodFooDC: Yea it is. I’m DC, chief. I know they say all Asians look alike but, come on, man! You’re a quarter Asian yourself.

FoodbabyNY: Relax, guys! I’m just playing, my bros.

TodFooDC: It’s all good. Just know you’re one wisecrack away from my toddler wrath.

FoodbabyNY: What’s a wrath?

TodFooDC: I don’t know, actually. I think it’s one of those circular things you put on your door at Christmas. Anyway, how are you enjoying the nation’s capital?

FoodbabyNY: Dude, it’s crazy here! Everyone is so nice. It’s like my folks don’t have to worry about going out to eat with me ‘cause peeps here are so cool about having kids around.

TodFooDC: It probably helps that we’re all professional pants charmers – we can charm the pants off anyone. So what’s your favorite thing about DC so far?

FoodbabyNY: That would have to be the newest TodFooDC transplant. She’s crazy cute!

TodFooDC: You mean the Foo formerly known as ORL? Yea, I can’t disagree. I’m saving her a seat next to me at dinner later. But let’s get our heads back on straight and focus on why we’re here. THE FOOD! So why China Chilcano? Besides the obvious – you can’t go wrong with a Jose Andres joint.

FoodbabyNY: Well, because it represents me to a tee! My dad’s part Chinese and and my mom’s part Peruvian. So I guess that makes me Peru-nese. Or Chi-ruvian. Whatevs. China Chilcano is just an awesome mashup of my cultures!

China Chilcano Plantanos Fritos and Taro Chips

Reppin’ my Chi-Ruvian brothers and sisters to the fullest!

TodFooDC: Sweet! So, my Chi-ruvian brother, which dish did you enjoy most?

FoodbabyNY: The Cancha all day! That’s huge kernels of warm, toasted, and salted Peruvian corn. What about you?

TodFooDC: The Chifle Chiferos Con Salsa, easily! Fried plantain and taro root chips with a sweet potato-rocoto sauce? Yeah man! And to season the chips with salt AND Chinese five spice? That’s not just smart. That’s Lebron-sweeping-Atlanta-singlehandedly genius!

TodFooATL: Hey now! That’s messed up, yo.

FoodbabyNY: Haha! Zing!

TodFooATL: Hey Foodbaby! Remind me who finished last place in the East again? Was it the Knicks?

FoodbabyNY: Low blow, ATL. Low blow. I’m revoking our friendship card.

TodFooDC: OK guys. Make nice. And enough of these toddler tangents. What did your folks like most?

Hong Kong Noodles, Pancakes, Arroz a la Cubana

I don’t know whether to eat everything or hang them up on my wall

FoodbabyNY: They really dug that Chi Jau Kay – Chifa style chicken wings with sesame seed and pea sprout slaw.

TodFooATL: My folks loved the Jaladito Norteno – hamachi tiradito-style ceviche. And the Dancing Yucca – Nikkei style fried cassava with bonito flakes, aonori seaweed, and aji amarillo aioli. Oh and the Chinese style Lomo Saltado – hangar steak with tomato, soy sauce, and shishito pepper. You know what? Everything! They basically loved everything. And they ordered pretty much the who GD (gosh darn) menu.

TodFooDC: Agreed. My folks loved everything too. Especially, the Arroz a la Cubana – rice, fried egg, tomato, cucumber, fried plantains and potatoes with pork belly. Plus, the Tallarin Zhen Fe – Hong Kong style rice noodle with tomato stew, black garlic, cilantro, and Chinese five spice. Moms couldn’t help but say “OMG” after each and every friggity frakkin’ bite. She even leaned over to my dad and whispered “We need to come back here again!”

TodFooATL: I think that’s what my moms wished for when we all blew out the candle of her Momofuku Milk Bar birthday cake. More China Chilcano. Not her kids’ good health or well being. World peace? Fughetaboutit. SMH.

Momofuku Milkbar birthday cake

Blowing the candle out for Mama ATL’s birthday. There’s like, a million candles missing!

TodFooDC: So would you guys come back here again?

FoodbabyNY: In a New York minute!

TodFooATL: I’d say yes but I’m scared my mom might sell our souls for an endless supply of China Chilcano.

TodFooDC: Well there you have it. You’ve done it again Chef Andres! You’ve caused native New Yorkers to bring back played out lingo from 2000 and yesterday and made Atlanta mothers take up children’s soul brokering. All in the name of your delicious creations!

418 7th St NW

Washington, DC 20004

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