Sandwiches and Sharks
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🙂 = High chairs available. Kids menu consisting of grilled cheese and PB&J. Plenty of lot parking for your car outside. Plenty of tableside parking for your stroller inside. Bar style seating at the front with floor-to-ceiling windows ideal for the 2+ demographic who enjoy watching cars drive by. Sleek, modern design with fun, little touches on their walls. Friendly and informative service with a genuine smile. Almost as killer as mine…almost.

🙁 = No changing tables. There are booster seats…they’re called your knees. No kids eat free option although they did have a Barista Party that had free pizza and refreshments open to the public back in August and $1 brewed coffee the entire week we visited. Oh, and that Barista Party was actually a latte art throwdown between local coffee artisans. Seriously, check out some of the amazing latte artwork on their Facebook page and their Instagram handles @cafeinva or @b.arista, who happens to be their coffee director. OK, now that I’ve turned this 🙁 -> 🙂 let’s move on.

Hours: Open 7AM-8-PM on the weekdays and 8AM-8PM on weekends.

Notes: This space was originally occupied by Coffeesmith until it was closed, renovated, and rebranded as Cafein this past August. Yelpers who knew this place as the former are over the moon about the rebranding. Some make a 30 minute commute just for their coffee and fresh sandwiches while others have even given it an extra star since the re-opening.

Elements. One word. Many meanings. There’ll be allusions to that in this piece. Yes, I used the word “allusions”. Look, we already know my face is a milkshake – it brings all the girls to the yard. But as Five For Fighting once alluded to in the one-hit classic, Superman, “I’m more than a bird. I’m more than a plane. I’m more than some pretty face inside a train.” My face’ll get’cha every time. But it’s my brain that’ll keep you here.

Elements (weather). It’s what was responsible for my 104.5 fever and a trip to my pediatrician. But don’t worry ladies. My tests came back negative. All this shorty needed was plenty of nutrients, fluids, and bed rest. So to take care of the first two items on my wellness checklist, the old man took me to Cafein, a coffee shop across the street from my doctor. And no, I did not spell that wrong. I’ve got a beautiful mind, remember?

Elements (scientific). Cafein has three within its name. And they all have something to do with coffee in one way or another:

Ca – Calcium. Cream has it in spades.

Fe – Iron. Found in the water used to brew coffee.

In – Indium. Singular form of Indiums.  The people responsible for producing the world’s 6th largest amount of coffee beans. They come from Indiuh.

Cafein Coffee Sandwiches, and Cafe

Cafein. The perfect cure for getting over a fever.

But I’m no coffee drinker. I’m three. Are you ele-‘mental’?! And daddio is more of a tea drinker himself. So we just stuck to lemon water (‘cause my folks don’t like me drinking juice too much), a croissant for me, and a smoked salmon bagel for the man who claims sole responsibility for my milkshake face and swollen-in-a-good-way brain.

I must point out this was my first croissant ever and was an experience I’ll never forget. Warm, fresh, buttery, and flaky. But the good kind of flaky. Not the like-oh-my-gawd-I’m-such-a-valley-girl flaky. And pops said his smoked salmon bagel was just as fresh. He especially loved the tomato element (single member of a set) in addition to the usual suspects for a smoked salmon sandwich: capers, red onion, and cream cheese. The tomato, he said, “jucified” his sa’mmich. Remember from my older posts? Dad like’s things wet…so I threw my lemon water on him.

Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich

One thing my mom passed on to me…a big mouth perfect to devour bagel sandwiches.

We were so impressed with our whole experience at Cafein that we brought mama and baby bear in tow a couple of days later. This time we all split Turkey Pesto and Fresh Mozzarella Ciabattas. My baby bro loved it! I’m joking. C’mon people! He’s only 6 months. When I said “we all”, I was obviously talking about my family members with teeth. That’s what I ele-‘meant’. Can I get a rimshot?!

The Turkey Pesto came with avocado, arugula, baby spinach, tomato, provolone, and basil pesto while the Fresh Mozzarella was layered with avocado, arugula, baby spinach, red onion, tomato, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. You droolin’ yet? Yea, I thought so. I especially loved the mozzarella sa’mmich. I love me some cheese and tangy vinaigrettes! My folks loved the fact that I was eating veggies. And thus, was unlocked the secret to life’s biggest mystery. Want me to eat my greens? Put it in a sandwich.

Shark eating my cookie

Sharks man. Can’t take them anywhere!

And since moms is the only coffee drinker in our clan, she ordered the $1 brewed coffee special featuring local favorite, Stumptown Roasters. She did enjoy it and also added she’d try a latte next time to see if they’d surprise her with some cute latte art. They also had cookies the size of my face and some need-to-get-in-my-belly cupcakes that I’ll mos def be getting into my belly next time. And no menu item over 8 bucks?! I think we have a winner!

13924 Metrotech Dr
Chantilly, VA 20151

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