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🙂 =Etch a Sketch, cups with lids, boosters and high chairs, food brought out quickly, parking on the street is only for an hour but plenty of parking all around

🙁 =None that we can think of

On a recent trip to Virginia, we visited Coastal Flats along with mommy, daddy, and some friends. We didn’t have reservations, but we were seated promptly at peak lunchtime on a Sunday (this restaurant is quite large inside!) This restaurant is in the middle of a cool area with restaurants, cafés, and shops. The hostess brought over boosters (they had high chairs too). The coolest thing? Once we sat down, each of us got handed an Etch a Sketch!

Enjoyin the corn, that came on the side of mommy’s lobster roll. And some shrimp and grit cake.

The kids menu has typical toddler-y options, but also yummy healthier options including grilled cheese, cheeseburger, fish fingers, steak, and smoked salmon. While the listed side options were fries, apple sauce, and carrots we asked for sweet potato fries and the waitress was happy to sub these in for us. Mommy also considered ordering those as a separate side.

She was glad she didn’t since the portion that came with the kids menu was plenty. We also got calamari off the adults appetizer menu, with the spicy sauce on the side. Mommy got a lobster roll and daddy got a shrimp and grit cake. We didn’t try either because our food was more than enoug for us – the calamari and the salmon were each a very good portion.

The large restaurant, and some of our food

The large restaurant, and some of our food

Oh, and we got to keep our Etch a Sketch until the end of the meal. When we left, we noticed that it was the mommies and daddies that were playing with them and not the kids! Reliving their childhood seemingly! Either way, the atmosphere and the food has made it one of the most toddler-friendly places we have visited in a long time!

11901 Grand Commons Ave
Fairfax, VA 22030

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