4.5 Rating

🙂 = The restaurant does have a small kids menu (penne pasta, hot dog, chicken fingers, fried shrimpies and mozzarella sticks), and does have changing tables if you need them (but in the stalls, so don’t miss them). Tons of high chairs AND boosters. Super kiddie-friendly!

🙁 = Parking. Unless you’re coming to the beach, and at an off-peak time, it might be a bit until you find parking. There is metered parking. But on the other hand, this is just the sort of place you would go if on the beach.

Notes: Mango Mikes is open every day from 11:30AM until 11:30PM.

Today we visited Bethany Beach and, when it looked like the rain was going to set in, we decided to go get some lunch. Luckily, we were right on the boardwalk and chose to visit Mango Mike’s. It’s located right up a flight of stairs, but is easy to spot from the street and from the beach.


Mango Mike’s has an indoor restaurant area as well as a patio, part of which is covered. We chose to sit on the patio (awesome choice – highly recommend!), as you can see the beach and enjoy the ocean views even when the weather isn’t great.  The first thing we noticed on the menu is the funky drinks which were great for our parents (recommend the mango rita!), but there was also a drink the waitress told us was popular with kids. It’s called Kid Attack, and it’s a combination of Sprite or Coke and Grenadine in a fun fishbowl! Unfortunately we aren’t big on sugar-y things, but for bigger kids this could have been awesome.  We got our water in a super cool kid cup with a little fish at the end of the straw. Kept us happy and entertained until the food arrived!

We LOVE calamari!

Mango Mike’s menu is seafood-focused and includes items like steamed clams, seared tuna, coco-loco-nut shrimp, and fried margarita calamari, salmon, but it also has good meat (e.g. filet mignon, jerk chicken, pork tenderloin) and even vegetarian options (black bean hummus, vegetable penne pasta).

The Crabcake Sandwich!

The Tuna Tacos were delicious!

The highlight of the menu (according to the waitress) is tacos, and she wasn’t lying! We ordered some mahi-mahi tacos(with lettuce, tomatoes on the inside, and rice and beans on the side). We could have done without the lettuce and tomatoes, and would have been nice if the fish was cut into smaller pieces, but we (and our mommy) were surprised how big the pieces of the fish were! What a good portion! Mommy ordered the ahi tuna tacos which were also good, but regardless of the tacos, ask for the honey chipotle aioli on the side if you don’t like spicy! We also enjoyed fried calamari off the appetizer menu (it came with a tomato-ey sauce), and we had a crab cake sandwich (it was fairly crabby) that came with some fries.  While the food was very good, the best part of our lunch were the lovely views of the water!

97 Garfield Pkwy, Bethany Beach, DE 19930

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