3.5 Rating

🙂 = Good food, open early, quick (perfect for a toddler’s often limited patience), fairly inexpensive. Cute patio seating area. Friendly staff. Big playground (unrelated to the café) right across the street.

🙁 = No boosters or high chairs. No bathroom at all (though it seems this might not be so uncommon for places a block from the beach). There is a public bathroom a block away directly off of the boardwalk. The parking situation depends on what time you arrive and how beautiful the beach weather is. In the summer, parking shouldn’t be too bad before 10:00AM, and it’s even free until then. But remember: the more beautiful the weather, the harder it is to find parking. But if you’re like us and wake up early to venture out to the beach, this is a wonderfully quaint place to stop and enjoy.

Notes: Open every day from 7:30AM until 3:00PM.


We’re ready to eat!

Like many toddlers, we wake up early… and hungry, even on the weekends! That means our poor parents also have to wake up early….on the weekends, and they are most likely craving some coffee to keep up with our energy. This particular morning we woke up wanting something yummy (and sweet). We headed over to the beach, and right in the center of Bethany Beach, a block and a half from the beach itself, we found Beach Break Bakrie and Café (yes, that is how it’s spelled!)! The café opens at 7:30 AM even on the weekends, and it is open year-round (which isn’t typical in a seasonal beach town).  Their breakfast menu, which is available until noon, has a variety of options that sounded yummy, including yogurt with fruit and granola, bagels, waffles, and egg sandwiches. They also have a wide selection of muffins, scones, and croissants, and during this visit, we opted to enjoy some of these pastries.


Apple Crumb Muffin

We wandered to a patio outside (there is no indoor seating) which had several open tables. (One piece of advice: the earlier you arrive, the better your chances at grabbing seating for your party.) After we were seated, our pastries quickly arrived, and they included  lemon scone,  a harvest muffin (with zucchini and carrots to balance out the sugar-y options), a lemon poppy seed muffin, and an apple crumb muffin (we noticed these muffins quickly – they were still on a baking tray and looked like they were made just seconds prior! Talk about fresh out of the oven!) They all were delicious, and mom said the iced coffee helped her cope with being out for breakfast so early.


Enticing dessert case!

We also took a quick glance at the lunch/dinner (linner!) menu. On a chalkboard, we saw a list of kids’ menu ideas, including grilled cheese, hot dog on a roll, peanut butter and jelly, and turkey and cheese. The non-kid linner menu looked much healthier with a wider selection of options including salads and wraps. If we were to come later, we definitely would check out one of those wraps, especially the Asian-themed one with grilled chicken, or maybe we would try a power veggie wrap! Mom would love that!

123 Garfield Pkwy, Bethany Beach, DE 19930

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