4.5 Rating

🙂 = Super easy parking in front of the restaurant – there are 7 or 8 spots, but it’s a small restaurant so it’s ok.  Changing table. Food comes fairly quickly.

🙁 = No kids eat free and no real kids menu – but it’s pizza – can’t get more kid-friendly than that!

Notes: Wed-Sat: 4:00PM-10:00PM. Sun: 10:00AM-3:00PM. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

While we have stopped by The Wood Fired  Pizza Shop on many occasions to grab pizza-to-go, this time we decided to come for a Sunday brunch. As a matter of fact, this pizza shop used to be a food truck, visiting our local farmers markets. They use many local ingredients and organic ingredients, when possible, which is a huge bonus in mommy’s book. There is a wood-burning oven where the pizzas are made (and we can watch), and there was a display case with salads and pickled vegetables. We ordered at the counter and sat down with a number to wait for our food. There were 2 high chairs available, and we only needed one – and considering it’s a fairly small place, we figured a high chair wouldn’t be too difficult to get.

Adult drinks, pickled mushrooms, and a sneak peak of the pizza shop

Adult drinks, pickled mushrooms, and a sneak peak of the pizza shop

The pickled mushrooms mommy ordered came quickly. She loved it. We spit it out. I guess pickled veggies aren’t typically a toddler’s favorite. What were you thinking, mommy?! Awesomely, the server brought over some real play dough (i.e. pizza dough) for each of us to play with. That was awesome!!

But I’m sure you’re wondering… what did we eat? Beyond the normal pizzas on the menu, brunch pizza included a breakfast pizza with local egg (scrambled or fried) and a choice of mushrooms, pancetta, and smoky bacon or chicken sausage, and there was also a kale special with local kale, fried onions, and smoky bacon. Normally at dinner time, we get the cheese and a besto pesto with basil, walnuts, and chicken. Today, we decided to venture out and order the two special brunch pizzas. Both were awesome, though we had a strong preference for the breakfast pizza. Mommy and daddy gobbled up the kale pizza fairly quickly. Two pizzas turned out to be more than enough for 2 adults and 2 hungry toddlers. Since daddy paid the bill before we even sat down, once we were done, it was very easy to get up and go. Now, we know that this isn’t just a great place to grab pizza to eat at home, but also a great place to eat.

Playing with the play dough and enjoying some delicious pizza

Playing with the play dough and enjoying some delicious pizza

Oh, and your mommy and daddy might appreciate the $4-$6 drinks like bellinis, mojitos, and other cocktails with bourbon, gin, and vodka.  Unfortunately, you can’t have them on the picnic tables outside- those are to be consumed inside the restaurant. Last but not least, there is gluten-free dough and vegan cheese available, for an extra fee. In other words, they seem super accommodating! Oh, and they have many dessert options, including a Nutella pizza, but we didn’t get to that!

140 E Cleveland Avenue

Newark, DE 19711

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