Kristin Aquino-Pham, IHC attorney by day (Lead Global Mobility Counsel for ACS Group), and Food Blogger by night (really, in all her spare time).

She is the Founder of Toddler Foodies – Atlanta:…

Why did you start ToddFoo?
I initially created TodFoo to help other families, by meeting a need that other restaurant review websites aren’t meeting. But it has become so much more valuable than that. It allows me to spend time with my kids and immerse them in culturally rich activities (i.e. eating foods from all over the world). It gives me a platform through which I can help support local business owners and raise awareness about humanitarian causes. And it provides a creative outlet that practicing law (at least in my area of expertise) often does not provide. Watching TodFoo grow has been an incredible experience for my family and me. I’m really excited to see how far it will go!

Kristin and her husband take their 2 adorable little humans on a mission to eat their way through ‪#‎Atlanta‬ – and share their experiences. They rate restaurants mostly for kid-friendliness, to help families decide whether they want to eat there with their little ones (Gummy Bear ratings!). You can find their reviews on TodFoo blog, located at can also follow them on Instagram (@toddlerfoodiesatl) or Twitter (@todfooatl).

They also now have sibling blogs in Austin, Chicago, Orlando and San Antonio. They’ll be launching their new website on May 14, the day of the GAPABA gala!

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