Toddler Foodies and FoodBabyNY fans, you’re in for a treat:  FoodBabyNY is heading to Washington D.C. September 25-27th to meet up with Toddler Foodies – Washington D.C. and Toddler Foodies – Atlanta for another Epic Foodie Playdate!

Remember when FoodBabyNY visited Atlanta for the first Epic Playdate? Well, this playdate is going be even crazier, with special celebrity appearances and a dedicated “Meet FoodBabyNY” event at a critically-acclaimed Washington D.C. ice cream parlor. Follow our eating adventures on Instagram (@toddlerfoodiesdc, @toddlerfoodiesatl, @foodbabyny), Twitter (@todfoodc, @todfooatl, @todfoofamily, @foodbaby), and Facebook (Toddler Foodies) to learn more. And stay tuned to our blog because this is a play date that’s going to go down in history!

Special thanks to the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel – Washington D.C. for sponsoring our playdate.


Mandarin Oriental – Washington D.C.

*FoodBabyNY is an Official Brand Ambassador of The Toddler Foodies.


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