3.5 Rating

🙂 = The food is delicious! Good list of drink choices. Lots of outdoor seating. Service is attentive to toddlers. Lots of street parking even during busy rush hour. We did not have a problem finding a close parking spot.

🙁 = No kids menu. No changing table in the bathroom. The tables are close together so it might be hard to navigate with a stroller or carseat.

Notes: When parking, there is a 3 hour time limit Monday-Friday between 8am-6pm, but there is no charge. Not too far from the area are other restaurants and businesses so it can get busy depending on the day and time you visit. We’ve heard that Saturday mornings are quite busy. Mi Tomatina is nestled in a beautiful area of Winter Park with lots of sidewalk space and great places to people watch.

holding a chip

Chips and salsa! My fav!

One of our social media followers recommended Mi Tomatina Paella Bar, and we decided to check it out. Orlando is still celebrating Bite:30, a month long celebration of local restaurants, and Mi Tomatina is one of the participants.

The decor is bright and beautiful with lots of red, yellow, blue, and brown. The tables are covered in wonderful mosaic tile designs with coordinating wall colors of red and yellow. There are quite a few plaques for their award-winning food on display. They play awesome Spanish music that is just loud enough to drown out this toddler who recently discovered her love for karaoke even when I don’t know the songs.

They did not have a kids menu, but our previous Bite:30 experience taught us not to expect one so that was not much of a drawback for us. Our server took the time to note which menu options included spices and ingredients that might not be agreeable for a toddler like me to eat as well as tips on which items might be easier for my little hands to handle. We were given chips, salsa, and water shortly after we picked our table. If you remember my experience at Dandelion Communitea Cafe, I absolutely LOVE chips and fresh salsa!


Our main course!

As part of the Bite:30 prix fixe dinner menu, we had several options for an appetizer, entrée, and a dessert. It was also happy hour so there were lots of drink specials for adults.

We decided to sit at one of the patio tables and ordered “calamari de la casa” as an appetizer. I didn’t eat any of the calamari. In fact, I refused to touch it and continued eating my chips and salsa as if the calamari was not even there! By the time our entrée arrived, Florida thunderstorms and lightening rendered our patio spot less-than-ideal so we moved inside. Even though their patio protected us from the rain, the thunder was scary, and the lightening meant being outside was dangerous!

scoop 2

Calamari may not be my thing…

Our entree was roasted chicken breast with root vegetable mash and sofrito sauce. It was topped with very tasty asparagus. The sofrito tasted like the salsa so I really liked the sauce. I loved the vegetable mash and chicken as well. Since the rolling thunder sound was so scary, Mommy let me eat the entrée while sitting on her lap :).

They have both booster seats and high chairs on hand. There is not a changing table in the bathroom. Although there is a small table in the ladies room, it isn’t big enough. There is a large patio in the front with seating on the sides and in the back of the restaurant as well.

Every server came by to say hello and asked whether they could get us anything. They were very attentive! For dessert, we chose the chef-made vanilla ice cream. I don’t get to have sweets too often so I was glad Mommy let me have a few scoops before we said adios to Mi Tomatillo.

433 W New England Ave

Winter Park, FL 32789

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