3.5 Rating

🙂 = Lots of free parking, very family friendly, lots of tables and space for carseats, strollers, and rambunctious Toddler Foodies.

🙁 = No kids menu. No changing Table.

Notes: Open every day from 10:00AM until 10:00PM.

pho88 outside

The tone for Pho 88 is set in the parking lot, which is adorned with pretty art on the sides of the buildings. Pho 88 is a vibrant and lively environment. It was busy on the day we visited, and it was a little packed, but we didn’t feel any less welcomed, and our server was still very attentive. There were plenty of families with other Toddler Foodies. There were even some baby foodies! There is not a kids menu, but there are plenty of things for little fingers to grab.

egg rolls

egg rolls

For the first time in our Toddler Foodies – Orlando history, we went out with a purpose. We have heard good things about Pho. The time had come for us to try it for ourselves. We were no longer going to be out of the pho loop. We were ready to push our foodie tastebuds and join the family of pho lovers around the world. It was time for. . .The Phirst Pho.

We started out with some egg rolls and spring rolls. When you’re challenged to try something new, we recommend trying something with mild flavors to warm up to the new thing. The egg rolls were made with beef and pork while the spring rolls were made with shrimp.

I liked the egg rolls more than the spring rolls, but I liked the rice from the spring rolls. The texture was not my cup of tea. I polished off two egg rolls on my own, and mommy didn’t complain when I double-dipped into the sauce.

Then came the moment of truth: Our server brought “The Pho” to our table. BOOM! Well, what do we do now?


The Phirst Pho

The Phirst Pho is here.
The Phirst Pho is ready.
No more will Pho be unknown to our tastebuds.

The Phirst Pho got a little messy, but I did not mind (and neither did mommy). I was comfortable and having fun with my food just like the other Toddler Foodies. I stretched, smashed, and grabbed the seemingly endless supply of noodles and beef. The Phirst Pho was Phoooooooo good!!!! The stock was perfect! The noodles were ooey-gooey and delicious, and the beef (although a strange texture) was good as well. It was even good as my lunch the next day too.

pho noodles

We are proud to be new members of The-Pho-loving family! It is a wonderful family, and we hope you will read this review and decide to add your name to our family tree. If you want to join us, we highly suggest getting your Phirst Pho at Pho88!

730 N Mills Ave

Orlando, FL 32803

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