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🙂 = Food is delicious, great service, toddler-friendly atmosphere, highchairs on hand, and plenty of parking on the street (front) and in the rear.

🙁 = Tables are pretty close together so navigating with a stroller or carseat might be difficult, no kids menu. Even with modifications, the menu is not very toddler-friendly and limited non-caffeine drink options.

Notes: They are open Monday through Thursday from 10:30AM until 9:00PM. Friday and Saturday: 10:30AM until 10:00PM, and Sunday: 10:00AM until 9:30PM.

Here’s how it goes down when you’re about to dine at LA Boiling Seafood and Crawfish: As you approach the door you can’t help but notice the intoxicating smell of boiling seafood. It’s a wonderful buttery and savory smell. Then you realize you’re going to get the chance to taste the food producing the smell, and you get excited. Then you see the crowds of people chowing down on snow crab clusters, steamed blue crabs, corn and crawfish. Then you see the satisfaction on the faces of the people leaving their tables. Then you start to wonder how you’re gonna narrow your choices down. Then you realize you don’t have a  choice, and you might have to plan a second trip before you even sit down at the table on the first trip.

One thing you can’t miss is that the walls are covered in signatures and notes from past customers. Many left notes like “I was here” and “the food is so good!” and “get the shrimp!”

Ya can totally write on the walls here!

Ya can totally write on the walls here!

I just had to find out whether the food would live up to the writing on the walls. They don’t have a kid’s menu, but we ordered dishes we could take apart for this Toddler Foodie to enjoy: a Shrimp Po’ Boy & Gumbo!

It wasn’t long before the moment of truth arrived, and our food was placed at our table.  We tackled the Po’ Boy first since the Gumbo came to us steaming hot. As it turns out, I don’t like shrimp very much. At least I didn’t like the shrimp on the Po Boy or the shrimp in the gumbo. I focused my efforts on the rice, chicken, and veggies in the gumbo. I also ate the shredded lettuce from the Po’ Boy. If it is any consolation, I did enjoy the breading from the shrimp. That counts for something, right?

Cajun cuisine!

Nom! Nom! Cajun cuisine!

The utensils were plastic, which helped with handling the hot food and with eating it. I enjoyed the Gumbo much more than I did the Po’ Boy even after we cut it up. The high chair wasn’t high enough to the table for me to feed myself so I sat on my mommy’s lap to eat (until it was time to take pictures).

Although they had Beignets on the menu, by the time we were ready for dessert, they were sold out 🙁


Who’s in the house??

Also, don’t forget to ask your server for a Sharpie ‘cuz you can write on the walls and not get in trouble for it! So fun! We left our mark and so should you!

I didn’t like the seafood much, but the experience was a good one. Next time, we plan to learn how to eat crawfish. Of course that has to wait until I’m a wee bit older. Lastly, we recommend that all Toddler Foodies bring their own sippy cup!

1242 E Colonial Drive

Orlando, FL 32803

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