Dear Orlando,

Just when we were starting to really love each other, it is time I tell you that I’ll see ya later. Are you sad? Don’t be sad. I know what you’re thinking: So soon? So suddenly? What will we do without each other? I’d be thinking the same thing if I were you. You were my first home! Orlando is where I took my first steps, said my first word, and ate my first bowl of Pho!!!

Pho good!!!

Pho good!!!

Orlando is where I had my first picnic, visited my first zoo, and celebrated my first birthday. Orlando is where I began my journey as a Toddler Foodie, and I was shown so much love! Thank you!

Yummy peach!

Yummy peach!

From the Cuban food in Colonialtown to the delicious Paellas and Tapas in Winter Park and the fresh food in Audubon Park, I will miss you, and I will miss your food. I will miss your people and your light. What am I gonna do now? Well I’m excited to start a new life with my family in Washington, DC. I am looking forward to exploring the city through all of the wonderful restaurants, delis, eateries, and food trucks.

Hey it's Abe!

Hey it’s Abe!

We have left Orlando, but the memories remain. To all of our Orlando restaurant hosts, you have my humble and sincere gratitude. No matter the gummy bear rating you received, I want to wish all of you prosperity in your business; Orlando needs you.

Officially, Orlando is called “The City Beautiful,” but I think you’re “The City Wonderful.” You are filled with so many wonderful things and wonderful people. Thank you for the good times.

I love you Orlando, and I’ll see ya later!

Cheers to new beginnings in Washington, DC! There’s no letting go & no holding back. Wooo hooo!!!!

Hello Washington, DC! Whatcha got to eat?


The Original Orlando Toddler Foodie

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