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🙂 = Authentic, Vietnamese food in a modern atmosphere with high chairs and plastic cups. Oh, and awesome lunch specials! Street parking in this area isn’t too difficult to find, just circle around the block a few times if need be.

🙁 = No changing table, kids don’t eat free (though a $5 adult size lunch is way cheaper than most kids’ menus). No kids’ menu.

Notes: Open every day from 11:0AM until 10:00PM.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will never notice Le Viet on a side street, right off of Washington Ave. It’s an authentic Vietnamese restaurant with a very modern interior. We noticed it as we walked by and saw a big sign outside that noted a $5 lunch menu. It was lunch time – yay! We decided to sit down. It was around noon on a weekend, and the restaurant was fairly empty and getting a seat was no issue (it’s also on OpenTable, FYI). Mommy parked our stroller in the corner, and we were seated immediately. They brought over a high chair, the menus, and the special $5 lunch menus (that were cash only). We also got plastic cups with straws.

Modern atmosphere and good food. Especially loved the Le Viet sliders!

Modern atmosphere and good food. Especially loved the Le Viet sliders!

Mommy got an iced coffee, which comes with condensed milk mixed in, though you can easily get that on the side to decide how sweet you want it. Daddy got a pho (a big bowl of soup with meat), which comes with bean sprouts on the side.  Mommy got a bowl of noodles and tofu, veggies, and some fried spring rolls. For us, mommy ordered some spring rolls which came with a yummy dipping sauce and some sliders (not from the lunch menu). These were our favorite (and called Le Viet sliders, if you want to try them) – they came with two sauces, the brown one was sweet, and thankfully, daddy warned us that the red one was spicy. Inside the steamed bun, we got to choose between  chicken, pork, shrimp, or grilled beef. We chose grilled beef but were a bit mixed though on how chewy we thought the beef was – good for a 3-4 year old but a bit tough for a 2 year old to chew.  The lunch specials also included a vegetable fried rice – that sounded super yummy.

Delicious food

Delicious food

Even the pickiest of toddlers would eat plain vermicelli noodles (just tell us it’s pasta!) The full menu was long and included fish options such as whole fish and salmon, vegetarian options (tofu and just veggies), as well as selections that included beef, pork, and chicken. Lots of options! And mommy was excited when the bill came… For 4 of us, it was almost cheaper than cooking a meal at home!

1019 S 11th St

Philadelphia, PA 19147

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