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🙂 = High chair, changing table, noisy awesome atmosphere, good food

🙁 = No kids menu and kids don’t eat free (though you can ask for things off the menu typically). Parking, like anywhere in Rittenhouse isn’t always easy, but if you go higher up in streets (20th/21st) you may have better luck. Otherwise, there are definitely plenty of garages you can park in.

Notes: Mon-Thurs: 7:30AM-10:00PM. Fri: 7:30AM-12:00AM. Sat: 10:00AM-12:00AM. Sun: 10:00AM-10:00PM.

One beautiful day, we decided to go picnic in the park in Rittenhouse Square. Yet, when we got there, Rittenhouse square was having a huge fine arts festival. Thus, some of the streets around the square where closed to traffic. Awesomely, this meant that restaurants around the square got to put their tables out in the middle of the streets, and kiddies, like us, could more easily enjoy the awesome weather without sitting on the grass. So, we decided to sit down at one of these restaurants: Parc. While they do take reservations, we did not make one and asked for outside seating. So, they nicely took down mommy’s phone number and within 20 minutes sent a text message that our table was available. When we arrived back, it was already set up with a high chair. Yay!

The salads and our macaroni gratin

The salads and our macaroni gratin

Parc is one of the many restaurants in Philadelphia owned by Stephen Starr of the STARR restaurant group. While each restaurant has a different concept, Parc reminds you (for those of you who have been) of a cute yet large French café. It is quite large on the inside, and though we went on a special day where there was a ton of outdoor seating, there is always some guessing as to whether or not the weather will be OK. But even the inside is very nice to enjoy! Oh, and it’s always fairly noisy inside so the other customers won’t notice your whining.

Bread and the awesome outdoor seating!

Bread and the awesome outdoor seating!

The bread basket arrived (free) soon after we sat down. Their bread is DELICIOUS. We got different types of bread in the basket, and we enjoyed it so much we weren’t even that hungry when the food arrived. But what did we get?  Off of the hors d’oeuvres menu, also known as appetizers, we shared the macaroni gratin. It’s basically mac n cheese with baked bread crumbs on top. Mommy loves to order it for us because if we don’t finish some of it, she finishes it for us! Mommy and daddy opted for salads – the Nicoise salad with tuna and the salad Lyonnaise with the runny egg on top. There was no kids’ menu, but they can make things for you if you ask. In the past, we have asked for grilled cheese and have gotten the largest, fanciest grilled cheese on awesome bread with crispy French fries on the side, AND it was cheaper than the options on most restaurants’ kids’ menus.  There is also changing table in the bathroom inside should you need it. Parc is great for any weather but especially when it’s nice outside! Come earlier for the best outdoor seats!

227 S 18th St

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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