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🙂 =High chairs, good pizza.

🙁 =Parking in the area can be difficult (though street parking on Walnut exists at meters, and surrounding streets as well), no changing table, not as kid-friendly.

On a cold Sunday evening, we ventured over to Petruce et al. for dinner. A high chair was waiting for us along with ice water. Mommy and daddy told us the most awesomest thing about this restaurant is the bread. Unfortunately, they didn’t have bread today. The menu was split into three parts – first, second, and pizza. We got several things to share (some of these mommy and daddy knew we wouldn’t eat, but they ordered it anyways). From the firsts we got a kale salad, baby carrots, brussels sprouts with haloumi cheese (yum, grilled cheese),  and octopus arancini. From the seconds we got the pork shoulder to share. We also got a lamb sausage and shishito pepper pizza (with peppers only on half).

IMG_5446There was no kids menu (not surprising to us, this isn’t the kind of place that would), and realistically, pizza was the only thing that sounded really appealing to us…maybe a lasagna. For pizza, there was marinara and margherita (cheese) options to choose from as well – but mommy just took the sausage off the pizza for us. We liked the pizza. We tried the carrots and mommy and daddy loved them although, we weren’t as much of fans. Overall, the food was very good. We were a tad upset that nobody talked directly at us (when asking how we were doing, checking in, etc., nobody addressed us at all). No one made any recommendations about things kids might like in the restaurant. While this is more of an upscale restaurant, these are things we have gotten used to and really appreciate when dining out with our parents.

1121 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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