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🙂 = High chairs, water cups for kids, parking in Chinatown isn’t so bad, it’s on OpenTable unlike most dim sum places so you can make reservations in advance

🙁 = No changing tables, no kids menu (but hey, a menu with pictures is just like a kids menu!)

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30A-10P; Sat 10:30A-10P; Sun 10:30A-9P

While discussing Hanukkah with my family, my daddy told me about the “shamash,” the central candle of the menorah. I said, “No daddy, it’s SHUMAI, not shumash.” That was my way to let my parents know it’s time for dim sum – we haven’t been in a while!

For our dim sum adventure, we headed to Nom Wah on the far edge of Chinatown. Unlike super traditional dim sum restaurants, there is no cart going around that we get to point to, BUT there is a menu where everything has a picture associated with it, so even those kids who can’t read can pick out their own food. There is no specific kids menu, but there are many things that kids can eat. And the great part is, even if you order something kids don’t like, you can order something else because each small plate is quite inexpensive (most under $5). Me, personally – I like shumai.   I also like dumplings in general – and the great thing about dim sum is what I keep telling ya – that I can ask mommy to order a ton of different little things that we can share – if there is something I don’t like, chances are, there is something else I do like!


So between me, my brother, mommy and daddy, we got A LOT of different things. From soup dumplings (too hot and messy for me!), shumai, stuffed eggplant, scallion pancakes (very kid friendly!), steamed spare ribs and shrimp dumplings… we tried a lot of things. The owner/ manager came by several times to check in on us which we liked – he was very friendly! The only catch is that food comes out in an unpredictable order and if you like to eat before your parents do you may be out of luck, but you may be able to ask for it in advance of the other food or just ask your parents to bring some snacks with them so you can snack until the real food comes. Overall, we had a very pleasant experience and will definitely be back.


218 N 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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