3.5 Rating

🙂 = Parking lot located in front of the restaurant, and it has plenty of spots available.  Seating was plentiful indoors, and they also have a side patio with a few tables.  The kid’s menu has a lot of options, and the portions were filling, but not overwhelming.  High chairs are available

🙁 = There are no changing tables!  Dessert was a disappointment, and service was slow.

Almost all of our Toddler Foodie adventures include my bestie and her mom.  They are great company and are always willing to suggest a new restaurant to try with foods that are new to me!  When my BFF’s mom found out my mommy had never tried Pho, she suggested Heavenly Pho for our weekly lunch date!  Finding the restaurant was easy, and parking was plentiful.  We arrived just as they were opening, so we were seated quickly and able to look through the very large menu.  They had so much to choose from: Pho, vegetarian dishes, rice noodle bowls, Pad Thai, curry, and sushi.  The kid’s menu had 15 different options.  Kid’s can choose from vermicelli bowls, rice plates, and noodle soups with different meat selections.

Crab Rangoon, Pho, grilled chicken, and grilled beef

Crab Rangoon, Pho, grilled chicken, and grilled beef

Mommy and her friend didn’t look at most of the menu because they knew they were having Pho for lunch.  I chose the grilled chicken rice plate, and my bestie decided on the grilled beef rice plate.  What can we say…we like rice!  Our food didn’t take long to arrive, and I ate a bit of my yummy chicken before discovering mommy’s large bowl of awesomeness.  Good thing mommy likes sharing, because it’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of Pho!  I loved the meatballs in it and wouldn’t let mommy finish the soup – that was my job!

We were pretty impressed with lunch, but things took a little bit of a turn after our meals came out.  Our server didn’t stop by our table after dropping our food off, and when it came time to order dessert, it was hard to track any server down to place our order.  Eventually, we did get to order dessert and got chocolate cheesecake and the double chocolate cake sundae.  We waited quite a while for our desserts, and when they finally came, they left much to be desired.  The ice cream was obviously melted and refrozen and even had large ice crystals on it, along with a chewy texture.  The cheesecake was a tiny sliver and tasted pretty old.

cheesecake with chocolate, and double chocolate cake sundae

cheesecake with chocolate, and double chocolate cake sundae

While the dessert was a little bit of a letdown and the service slowed down some, the entrees we had were very delightful.  It’s a kid friendly environment, and the Pho was delicious enough to tell my daddy that we need to go back so he can try it too!

19178 Blanco Rd #305

San Antonio, TX 78258

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