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🙂 = Yummy food. Kids’ menu available! Free naan that keeps on coming (and a BIG helping of it too), which is a great tool to keep hungry toddlers at bay. High chairs available and plenty of them! Easy to navigate menu with detailed descriptions for first-timers looking to branch out and try mediterranean cuisine.

🙁 = No changing tables. VERY busy lunch rush, and the restaurant can get cramped as it fills up. Highchairs and strollers may not be convenient when servers are attempting to squeeze through. Not-so-kid-receptive staff (maybe it was an off day?) – the lunch crowd was filled with professionals and business folks. Also, the parking lot can fill up quickly as well. There are several restaurants and places to shop in the area that share space in the parking area.

Notes: Sunday through Thursday, they are open from 11:00AM until 10:00PM. Friday and Saturday, their hours are 11:00AM until 11:00PM. There are only three locations throughout all of San Antonio. To beat the lunch rush, we suggest getting there at 11:00-11:30AM! There are no changing tables available, but there are large spacious stalls.

My mommy is the adventurous eater in our family and grew up eating things like Kinilaw Na Tanigue ( which is essentially the Filipino version of ceviche), squid adobo, and bagoong, a salted shrimp paste. I could sense that she was getting tired of being out numbered by the picky eaters in our family because she has been on a MISSION to expand my culinary horizons… And today’s adventure included mediterranean food by way of Pasha.

Pasha 2

This naan’s for me, and that aint no naan-sense!

We arrived shortly after they opened and were quickly seated in a quiet, back corner of the restaurant. As soon as we sat down, we were brought the warmest, most-delicious substance my tastebuds have ever had the pleasure of tasting… NAAN. (OMG…where have you been all my life??) I happily scarfed down a huge helping of that delicious goodness while mommy browsed through the menu. I was even daring enough to try the olive oil and spice dip that was provided! (Go me!) We also placed our drink order, and they gave me a styrofoam sippy cup, which was perfect! (I’m notorious for spilling my drinks…Womp. Womp.)

As mommy was deciding on what we should share, I noticed that the restaurant started to fill up very quickly with people. It was BUSY! Even more than that, I also noticed that I was the only kiddo in the entire place – talk about pressure to be on my best behavior! Sheeeeeesh!! Thankfully, the naan filled my hungry belly, and mommy was able to place an order in peace.

Pasha 3

You’ve got to be Kibbeh me! Get it??

We decided to start with the Kibbeh, which was served with a yogurt dip. This spiced ground beef and onion concoction reminded me of a corn dog… but a little more exotic… and made with ground beef instead of hot dogs. (If that even makes sense…) To my mommy’s surprise, I could NOT get enough of this stuff. It came fresh out of the fryer and was HOT. I tried to be incredibly patient while my mommy blew it to the perfect toddler temperature. It was that GOOD.

Pasha 4

Royal Mixed Kabobs, anyone??

Next, we decided to share the Royal Mixed Kabob plate as our entree, which was listed on the “House Favorites” section of the menu. Since we had the option of choosing two kabobs, we went with the beef tenderloin and chicken. This menu option was served with basmati rice and a veggie kabob. Although mommy enjoyed it, I wasn’t really a fan. The chicken had a mild taste so it was definitely friendly for toddler tastebuds, and the steak was tender and seasoned mildly as well, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I did appreciate that they brought an extra plate just for me – so, I didn’t have to eat directly off my mommy’s plate. (Everyone knows that toddlers need their elbow room! We’re messy eaters after all!)

Although the food was delicious, I wouldn’t say the atmosphere is 100% kid-friendly. Having said that, it might be a different story on the weekend when the lunch rush is a little more diverse. BUT I’d definitely come back for more of that Kibbeh!

1207 North Loop 1604 W

San Antonio, TX 78258

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