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🙂 = Highchairs available. Delicious, home-cooked grub! Styrofoam cups for all my messy drinkers! More exotic options than other Filipino restaurants in the area. Attached to a market – so, you can shop after you eat! The produce was very fresh. They cater – if you’re looking to share that Filipino-food goodness with your friends.

🙁 = Small, dark dining area. SLOW, not-so-personable service (extreme emphasis in SLOW). No changing table (but there is a long table in the restroom that could be used for your diaper-changing needs). No kids’ menu. A bit pricey in comparison to other Filipino restaurants in San Antonio.

Notes: Sometimes, Filipino restaurants can be hard to maneuver. So, I thought I’d break it down for you. #yourewelcome. When you arrive, seat yourself and wait to be served. Once you’ve gobbled up the goodness on your plate, walk to the register to settle up your bill and pay upfront.

Hours: Monday through Saturday: 9A-9P; Sunday: 9A-6P

So, I think I’ve mentioned this before in my review of Chock Dees, but when my VERY Filipino grandparents come into town, going to eat Filipino food is a MUST, and this time we hit up Sari-Sari Oriental Market on the west side of town. The best part of this restaurant/market combo was that we were able to pick up a few grocery items after we ate, and grandma even picked up ingredients to make me lumpia when we got home. (If you’ve never had lumpia, you haven’t LIVED!)


Lumpia + Veggies = The start of an AMAZING day

When we entered the building, we were met with a very small, cramped, dark dining space with only a handful of tables. This was definitely your typical hole-in-the-wall. There were 2 TV’s mounted on the wall for diners’ entertainment. We waited to be seated, but when no one was there to greet us, we found the closest, clean table and sat ourselves. Thankfully, there were menus already on the table!


Tosilog, anyone??

In glancing at the menu, we noticed two things: 1) the food choices weren’t your run-of-the-mill Filipino food selections and 2) the prices were a little pricey in comparison to other Filipino restaurants! So, we were hoping that meant the focus here was on the FOOOOOD. We decided to start out with the pork siopao, and according to my mommy, this was the BEST siopio she had ever had. In fact, it rivaled the siopao memories of her childhood! (So, it HAD to be good!) We also had an order of lumpia!


Adobo Pusit… aka SQUID adobo!

When it came to the main course, my mommy decided to go with a more breakfast-type plate called Tosilog, which came with Tocino, Sinangag, and a Fried egg.  According to her, this dish hit the spot like no other, and after reading this review, she may have to go back for more…. My grandma was all about the Diningdig, which is a soup-based dish made with a salty shrimp paste called bagoong. The veggies in the plate were fresh, and by the look on her face, it was deeeeeeelicious. My papa was the bravest of them all… he ordered the SQUID adobo! You read that right….SQUID!  Everyone around our table devoured that squidy-goodness and not a single tentacle was left for the taking. As for me, I ate off everyone’s plate! My favorite selections were the siopao, Tocino, and fried rice. YUMMO!

Overall, we had mixed emotions about Sari-Sari. The food was AHHHH-mazing, and the portions were VERY generous (that how we Filipino do… #holla). But the service and atmosphere weren’t the most kid-friendly or welcoming. Maybe next time, we’ll just take our Filipino-food goodness to go and enjoy the local sites!

5752 Wurzbach Rd

San Antonio, TX 78238

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