Toddler Foodies Special Edition - The Stray Dog
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🙂 = This awesome lunch & dinner spot in New Buffalo is a favorite stopping point for us as we pass through New Buffalo! Great food, friendly staff, and super family-friendly. There are plenty of high chairs to go around, coloring pages for everyone, and a solid kids’ menu with tons of options.

🙁 = No reservations and can be really crowded in the peak of the summer. So go early! Also not quite as kid-friendly after dark (but never unfriendly). Parking is sometimes tough, but if you are in the area, just grab a bike, and head over in the summertime. Don’t think you’re leaving without spending at least $50 in the gear shop across the way either…

Notes: The Stray Dog is located right on the lake and is open at noon daily (Michigan time).

We were headed for my very first camping trip in Michigan (I slept in a real tent with bugs and frogs!), and we couldn’t resist a stop at our favorite place in New Buffalo – The Stray Dog! We arrived right at noon (Michigan time) so we got seated right away. The lady gave me a coloring page with dogs and sunglasses along with a few crayons, and I happily got to work.

The Stray Dog Menu - The Toddler Foodies

Awesome kids menu, with salad and fruit options!!

Mommy gave me some options for lunch, and I chose a hot dog. She asked if I was sure I didn’t want something more fun since we were about to eat hot dogs for 3 days, but I just really like hot dogs…The waitress brought me a milk in a fun cup with a dog on it! I saw other kids that had giant milkshakes with whipped cream on top, but we skipped it this time with the promise of s’mores later.

Daddy took the longest to decide and kept looking at the menu, but we finally ordered, and the food came out super fast (under 10 minutes)! My hot dog was hot and didn’t have black marks on it (I do not like them grilled). It was delicious (as always), and I dipped the bun in ketchup and ate that too. The fries were hot and crispy so I had to wait a few minutes before eating them, but they were good too!

The Stray Dog - Toddler Foodies Roadtrip!

I can hardly wait to dive in!!

Mommy’s turkey club was our unanimous favorite at the table! I couldn’t get my mouth around the entire sandwich (it was a triple decker!) so she took some apart for me and made me a special mini sandwich. I LOVE turkey sandwiches and didn’t even mind the tomatoes and salad (lettuce) on this one. It was super fresh, and we all enjoyed a good portion of her meal. Sorry, mom, next time order something we don’t all like?

Daddy had a healthy chicken wrap with quinoa. The chicken was pulled and juicy, and it had quinoa, black beans, corn, cheese, and a yummy cilantro-lime dressing. It was really filling so he only ate half of it and took the rest for the road. We had so many fries that we took about half of them to go too. (They were delicious warmed up in a foil packet over the campfire!)

Of course, I convinced mommy to buy me a green shirt and a silly hat that looks like a helmet at The Stray Dog gear shop next door. This place is only an hour and a half away from Chicago and is definitely worth a stop if you are heading east on 94. There is also tons to do for families in the area, and it’s a great vacation or quick getaway spot. I know we’ll be back soon! Go on, check it out, you know you want to 🙂

245 N. Whittaker Street

New Buffalo, MI 49117

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