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🙂 = High chairs, water cups for kids, kids menu (The Pancakery only), changing tables (in both restaurants), The Pancakery gave crayons and a menu to color on while waiting.

🙁 = Both restaurants can get super busy in high season (basically March through September) and even during the off months, so go early or prepare to wait! The staff is efficient and friendly but you feel like you need to order quickly and eat even more quickly to accommodate the waiting customers.

Hours: The Pancakery: Mon-Sun 7A-2P
Hours: The Donut Hole: Mon-Sun 6A-10P

Note:The parking lot at The Pancakery can get full quickly, and if there is a line at The Donut Hole you will likely be outside, and while there is a covered walkway to stand under if it is really busy you do have to stand out with no cover, so come prepared!

Ah, the beach. We love going to Destin, where our grammy and papi have a house, to swim and play in the sand and ride bikes and, of course, eat. Unfortunately for most foodies there isn’t a huge foodie scene in Destin but they do one thing well, and that is breakfast! And who doesn’t love a good breakfast out before you hit up the beach for the day? Full bellies mean better sand castle building, that’s a fact.

So on our visit a couple of weeks ago, with cold weather and very un-beach like weather filling our day, we decided to check out the two most popular breakfast places and see which one we like better. We knew it was a tough assignment, mommy said there may even be chocolate involved, but we knew we were the right kids to tackle it head on. I mean, we’ve never met a chocolate we didn’t like.

First stop? The Pancakery, home to pancakes as big as our heads and filled with everything from strawberries to bacon to m&m’s. I will give you one guess which one we chose (hint, it wasn’t the healthy one!). Of course they had other breakfast foods – omelettes, crepes, waffles – but let’s be honest, no kid is going to choose something so nutritious as eggs when there are m&m’s to be had. In a pancake. Filling the pancake. Yum. The chocolate inside was just warm enough to melt in our mouth with every bite, and the m&m’s on top were easy to pick up and eat. What a treat to get candy and pancakes in one go. No syrup necessary!



M&M’s? Yum! Pancakes? Yum! M&M’s inside pancakes? Delicious!

Our mommy and grammy went a little healthier and opted for the strawberry filled whole grain pancakes, but spiced it up with a side of bacon, which was crisped just right. Our papi decided to go whole hog and ordered the Bacon Lover pancakes, pancakes infused with bacon. Yes, infused with bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon. It made even the biggest bacon aficionado proud!

Night and day...whole grain strawberry on top, bacon infused on the bottom.

Night and day…whole grain strawberry on top, bacon infused on the bottom.

The next morning we woke with empty tummies and a hankering for a donut, so we quickly got ready and visited The Donut Hole, a Destin institution for breakfast, and the lines to get in reflect that. Get there early, although if you are like us that won’t be an issue. Who needs the sun to be up in order to start your day?

We sat at a big booth, and before we ordered we perused the donut selection in the front of the restaurant. In the end we decided on chocolate cake and chocolate glazed donuts, although they all would have been a good choice. The grown-ups went the way of boring and ordered things like pancakes and eggs and hashbrowns and bacon, so we were able to try a little bit of their non donut breakfast items.

Get in my belly donuts!

Get in my belly donuts!

These were no chain restaurant donuts. They were rich and sweet and exactly everything a donut should be. Mommy loved her two eggs and hashbrowns, but couldn’t finish it all, making the higher prices reasonable when you see the size of the portions! If donuts were to be a regular item on our breakfast rotation (and could they be mommy? Please and thank you!) these would be ones we would want, no question. They are open all day, so if breakfast food doesn’t tickle your fancy they also have an extensive menu of lunch and dinner items, which looked good, if lacking in the chocolate department. I guess they can’t win them all!

Eggs and hashbrowns vs donuts. Who shall win? Donuts!

Eggs and hashbrowns vs donuts. Who shall win? Donuts!

So if you are heading to Destin, which one should you choose? We can’t decide! If you are looking for a fun breakfast treat you will find it at either place, so choose your fancy – donuts or pancakes – and head on out. Or better yet, try them both! Your belly will thank you.

Donut Hole: 635 Hwy 98 E Destin, FL 32541

The Pancakery: 960 Highway 98 East, Ste #104, Destin, FL 32541

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